Hello, Heir! Chapter 154


1st Class, 2nd Year Student, Si Zheng Ting, please come to the starting line! the PE teacher said over a megaphone. A female voice replied him, Coming! I am coming!

The entire field became a little quiet when Zhuang Nai Nai said that.

Where is Student Si Zheng Ting? the teacher asked.

He- He- Something suddenly came up for him. Can you wait for a moment? I will look for someone to replace him! she answered him awkwardly.

The teacher frowned, There is too little time now. You were given a lot of time to look for athletes anyway, so it is not like we gave you too little time. This will break the rules, so no.


There is no but. if he is not here within 30 seconds, your class will be disqualified.

Zhuang Nai Nais heart burned down when she heard that.

Honor was really important when one was young.

She gritted her teeth and ran to the starting line, Then, I will run!

The PE teacher looked at her with bulged eyes.

The boys who were participating in that event laughed amongst themselves, Such an easy win for us! Going up against a girl!

Right. It will be an effortless win.

Zhuang Nai Nais face turned red at the way they mocked her, Just wait and see how I kick you all in the face, later on!

The PE teacher has no other choice. He looked at his watch before sighing, Then, its settled.

It was a peculiar sight. A short and small-framed girl wearing the school uniform in the midst of boys on the starting line. She was too eye-catching.

She must give her all into this, she must not embarrass her class!

It was at that moment that someone tapped her in the shoulder.

She turned to that persons direction, Who is it? What—

She froze in her spot.

It was the heartless person that she thought had gone home. He motioned towards where she stood, You are standing in my spot, please move away.

Although he said that in a flat tone, her eyes light up just the same.

Her nose felt sour, she wanted to cry.

Even though he was the one who put her in this predicament on the first place, she still felt like a damsel-in-distress who had just been saved by her hero.

Her heart felt full. She felt so touched. She moved aside and said, Si Zheng Ting, just do as much as you can do. If you cant run, you can walk. No pressure.

Si Zheng Ting did not look at her. He simply took out his phone and earphones from his pocket and handsomely took off his coat before handing them all to Zhuang Nai Nai.

Then, he rolled up his sleeves and then warmed up his foot before getting into position.

Everyone stared at him dumbfoundedly.

Was he really here for a sport event?

He was wearing leather shoes, could he really run in them?

The teacher blew the whistle.

Zhuang Nai Nai was originally worried, and then, she became stunned.

That person in white; who looked like he wasnt even sweating or putting on any effort, was he really the one in front of everyone else?

Long distance running mainly depended on speed. If you exert too much energy from the get go, you would not be able to have enough energy to rush at last minute. Si Zheng Ting, on the other hand, exerted too much effort from the start. Everyone who was watching was laughing inside.

These rich kids really didnt know things.




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