Hello, Heir! Chapter 169


Si Zheng Ting is wearing a suit. He looks particularly handsome and tall when he steps out of the car.

The moment he shows up, it is as though everything else pales in comparison to him.

He walks to them without a change in expression, cold like frosty winds. The air surrounding him belongs to that of a king.

The entire Gu Family stares at him, stunned.

Gu Xing Shan stares at him with her mouth agape while Li Fu Feng, with bulged eyes.

Si Zheng Ting stops next to Zhuang Nai Nai, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He slowly nods at Gu De Shou as greeting.

Such a rude and arrogant person, had he been someone else, he would have got kicked out long ago.

But since he is Si Zheng Ting, no one dares to be rude.

Gu De Shou happily walks towards him with a fawning expression, You are here, Mr. Si? This child, Qing Yan, is really.. Why didnt she tell us? She got her mother and sister all worried.


Zhuang Nai Nai raises her eyebrow. Isnt that word a little off?

She originally wants to fight back, but Si Zheng Ting is right next to her. She purses her lips, not saying anything. Although she hates this family, she does not want to look pitiful in front of Si Zheng Ting.

Besides, this can be considered her and Si Zheng Tings first trip to her maiden home, why must she taint it with a fight?

Gu De Shou sighs in relief when Zhuang Nai Nai does not dispute him. Just as he is about to invite Si Zheng Ting in, Si Zheng Ting speaks first, It is I who causes worry in everyone, it has nothing to do with her.

His flat and emotionless voice causes a shiver in Gu De Shous back.

He realizes that he has spoken wrong.

He pushes all the blame on Zhuang Nai Nai, and in the process, makes Si Zheng Ting sound even guiltier.

He wipes the sweat from his forehead.

After addressing Gu De Shou, Si Zheng Ting turns to Li Yu Feng and Gu Xing Shan, Thank you for your concern, but our marital relationship and my Mrs teaching does not need any interference or telling off.

Li Yu Feng turns blue. She is about to say something, but gets cut off by Gu Xing Shan.

Gu Xing Shan is a little pale as she says, M-Mr. Si, we did not mean it that way. We did not mean to question Mrs. Sis teaching, we just.

Just what? She cannot continue her sentence.

In the end, it is Gu De Shou who saves the situation, Mr. Si, this is all because she is too young and like to speak nonsense. I, myself, said wrong earlier. This is Qing Yans family, and by proxy yours as well, who is right or who is wrong does not matter. Please come in, I already asked the maids to prepare a lot of dishes!

Gu De Shou gestures him in, not really daring to urge Si Zheng Ting to hurry up.

Instead of walking in, Si Zheng Ting looks at Zhuang Nai Nai.




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