Hello, Heir! Chapter 172



Li Yu Feng slams the door on her way out.

The atmosphere inside the study becomes heavy.

After a while, Gu De Shou takes a deep breath.

Gu De Shous expression has changed, no longer is he sporting that charming look. Instead, he looks solemn, like other men his age.

Gu De Shou has good looks, one that he passes on to Zhuang Nai Nai.

Even though she does not want to acknowledge the accusation that Zhuang mama kidnapped her, the similarity between her and Gu De Shou and Li Yu Feng are uncanny. She basically inherited all of their good parts in terms of appearance.

Qing Yan.. Gu De Shou slowly begins, Ignore her. She is just angry because she cannot bring your Zhuang mama to justice.

Zhuang Nai Nai does not know how to reply to that. She simply says En.

Gu De Shou sighs again, Dont blame me, Qing Yan. You are different from Xing Hao and Xing Shan; you did not grow up around us. Now that we have gotten you back, we forced you into an arranged marriage. You must be hating us so much right now. If we got you back under different circumstances, I wouldnt have forced you like that. But now.. Gu Enterprise is the product of my sweat and blood. I founded it back when I was only 18. I have invested so much effort in it for more than three decades. The company is even older than you, Qing Yan. I.. I cannot bear to lose it! Gu De Shous eyes are glistening in tears.

Gu De Shou and Li Yu Fengs emotions are real, she can tell.

But even then, she finds it hard for her to sympathize with them.

Call her cold-blooded or heartless if you want. Her life for the past five years is so hard that she finds it hard to sympathize with other people.

Zhuang Nai Nai calmly speaks, What do you want?

Gu De Shou is a little disappointed when he sees her expression. Half of the funds that Gu Enterprise has right now are poured on the Apparel Department. But the industry has been lagging for a few years now. Although we have passed through our financial crisis this year, if we cannot make profit, we will still face bankruptcy next year. Di Hao Groups apparel designs have been receiving great reviews for the past few years, their designs are fresh and caters to the younger part of the public. Can you perhaps ask Mr. Si to let his Design Team design a couple of apparels for our Gu Enterprise?

Zhuang Nai Nai frowns.

Although Gu De Shou is technically asking, can she possibly say no when her mother is in his hands?

Instead of answering him, she says, Where is my mother?

Gu De Shou knows that Zhuang Nai Nai is trying to negotiate with him, so he says, Overseas. The doctors there said that they need to know the reason for the illness before they can continue with treatment. They want to know what happened to her.

What happened to her?

Bitterness rises inside Zhuang Nai Nais heart, She got into a car accident and hit her head.

Gu De Shou is very shocked, Car accident? How?

How indeed.

Her mother had always been a cautious person. She wouldnt let herself get sick because she didnt want to leave Nai Nai uncared for.

How did she get into that accident?

Zhuang Nai Nai lowers her head, the accident that happened five years ago flashing in her mind.

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