Hello, Heir! Chapter 183


The dishes are slowly being served. Zhuang Nai Nai starts eating with a heavy head.

After she starts eating, she notices something off. She carefully looks at Si Zheng Ting.

She has already tasted all the dishes at least once, and yet Si Zheng Ting has not even lifted his chopsticks.

She blinks at him curiously.

Wasnt he hungry just now? Why isnt he eating?

This man is so unpredictable, she has no way of knowing what he thinks. She picks up a piece of meat for him and places it inside his bowl, This one tastes really good. Give it a try!

The piece of meat that she picks is fat but not greasy, it looks really good.

Si Zheng Ting has been here a number of times and has eaten this dish before, since this is the restaurants signature dish, but he never thought it could look this good.

He picks up his chopsticks and begins eating. Before he even finish eating the meat, a piece of chicken wing is placed inside his bowl.

He is momentarily stunned. He picks up the chicken wing and continues eating.

The atmosphere around them is quiet, yet there is that certain ambiguousness lingering between them.

Zhuang Nai Nai thinks the atmosphere is really good right now.

She lowers her head and continues eating. It is then that she hears him asking her this, Did anything happen in the Gu Residence?

She turns rigid.

Yes, something indeed happened. But how can she tell him of Gu De Shous request like this?

Their relationship has just gotten better. Besides, if she tells Si Zheng Ting about her mother, Ding Mengya will know too.

It is better for her mother to be in Gu De Shous palm than to be rescued only to be under the control of Ding Mengya.

Gu De Shou still needs her and will not dare to harm her Zhuang mama.

As for Ding Mengya.

What happened five years ago flashes in her head. She turns pale and quickly lowers her head again. Nothing, she shakes her head.

After saying that, she hastily puts a prawn into Si Zheng Tings bowl, Try this one! It tastes really good!

After she says that, cold air can be felt radiating from Si Zheng Ting.

She freezes, finally realizing what she just did.

Si Zheng Ting hates prawns!

She quickly takes the shrimp back, You dont like this, try this one then! She gives him a piece of beef.

Si Zheng Tings eyes turn dark as a feeling of helplessness washes over him.

It is clear that something has happened to her in the Gu Residence, yet she wont tell him anything.

Her emotions are all over her face, yet she wont tell him anything!

Does she even regard him as her other-half, her husband?

What makes him even more depressed is that she actually thought he was angry because she gave him the wrong dish.

He really does not know what to do to her.

He lowers his head and picks the beef with his chopsticks. Just as he is about to eat, the door is pushed open.

Mama! Mama! a little child, around three or four, screams at the door.

Si Zheng Ting looks at the child, frowning. A staff runs to the child and says, I am so sorry, Mr. Si! I will handle this!

Just as the staff is about to pick the kid away, the kid steps backwards and screams to her, Stay away from me, bad person!


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