Hello, Heir! Chapter 186


The Staff: ..


Si Zheng Ting walks out of the room with a dark face.

The staffs that he walks past respectfully give way as he walks along the corridor.

Even though he is in a mess right now, he still looks dignified and elegant.

He walks out of the door. His car is already prepared for him. He quickly enters the car and sits on the drivers seat, his chest heaving in anger. He grips on the steering wheel tightly as he stares ahead of him.

Just now, when he saw her leading that child out of their room, something rose in his heart.

He has always hated children, but when he saw her with that child, he suddenly have the desire to raise a child with her.

If she gives him a child, a child that looks exactly like her.

Imagining that gives him a really warm feeling inside.

Besides, if they have children together, she probably will not leave him again.

What happened five years ago has a really big impact on him. He will never forget the way she told him she didnt like him anymore and had walked out of his life without even turning back. He will never forget that scene, not in this lifetime.

If they have children together, she probably will not leave him even if she gets the chance to.

His grip on the steering wheel becomes tighter, until his knuckle turns white.

His intention was nice when he asked her to give him children earlier on, but her reaction was too much.

Does that mean that she does not want to be with him? Is she is only with him right now because of the Gu family, does that means that once Gu family stops forcing her to be with him in the future, she

He frowns.

That is the reason why he refuses to help her solve her problem even when he knows that she is being forced by Gu De Shou.

He knows that as long as she still needs him, she will not leave him.

He suddenly finds himself pathetic. This is the only way he can keep her by his side.

His frown deepens when he sees the scene unfolding in front of him.

The child that had burst into their room earlier is walking in front, in between his parents. He is holding the hand of a woman and a man. That child is not what attracts his attention, it is the back profile of whom Si Zheng Ting presumes to be his father.

Why does that mans back profile looks so familiar?

He narrows his eyes. It is then that he hears the sound of the staffs laughing by the door.

They are lowering their heads respectfully, but their shoulders are still shaking from remnants of laughter.

Following their line of sights, Si Zheng Tings eyes fall on Zhuang Nai Nai, who is walking out of the restaurant happily while clutching her take-outs.

Si Zheng Ting: ..!!

This restaurant has been in operation for many years. The food and service are both good. It is very low-key, you might not even know of its existence even if you have a lot of money. It is very exclusive and can only be known through strict invitations or word of mouths. Although there are occasionally people asking to take their leftovers home, most would only ask for one or two meals. Zhuang Nai Nais move is unprecendented!

She probably requested to take all of the leftovers home, this time.

He massages his throbbing temples.

Zhuang Nai Nai seems to not even notice that she is being laughed at, at the moment. She looks at the take-outs in her hand happily, as though excited at the prospect of eating the meals again.

Si Zheng Ting: ..

His chest suddenly feels heavy, his heart filled with indescribable onslaught of emotions.

He picks up his phone and gives Ji Chen a call, The Imperial Court needs to improve their customer service.

(TN: The Imperial Court is the name of the restaurant.)



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