Hello, Heir! Chapter 195


After Ding Mengya finishes speaking, Si Jing Yu greets her, Mom.

When Ding Mengya hears that, she says, Aiya, you still know the way home? I thought you forgot the way home after playing around outside for so long! You havent called for over a month! If Jin Yan had not assured me that you are still alive, I would have lodged a police report!

Si Jing Yu clears her throat, Mom, you know that I need to travel around to get inspiration. Besides, arent I back now? I am already almost 30, what is there to worry about?

You yourself know that you are going to hit 30 soon, when are you going to have children? Be careful your husband is going to cheat on you!

Si Jing Yu becomes quiet.

Shi Jin Yan suddenly raises his head and look at her.

Zhuang Nai Nai, on the other hand, listens to the conversation in utter boredom. She does not like Ding Mengya, but why does listening to this phone call makes her feel like this Ding Mengya is different from the Ding Mengya who once threw a cheque to her face?

She quickly shakes her head to throw that thought away.

In the end, no matter how evil a person is, they will still treat their children good.

Si Jing Yu speaks into the receiver helplessly, Ma, why are you cursing your own daughter?

I am not trying to curse you, but do you know that there is a severe lack of hot comodities in the capital? Jin Yan is so young and so handsome, a lot of girls want to be with him. You—–

Si Jing Yu quickly cuts her off, Ma!

Let me tell you this, all men out there are useless.

In the end, Shi Jin Yan cannot endure it anymore, Ma.

The voice from the other line suddenly stops, as though she has finally realized that the phone is in loudspeaker. ..Men out there are useless, except for Jin Yan! I am more worried of you prancing around out there, cheating on Jin Yan. You must never do anything to wrong Jin Yan! Aiya, so you are also there, Jin Yan! Both of you must eat well, alright! Zheng Ting, take good care of your sister and your brother-in-law.

Everyone: ..

Even the housekeeper, Uncle Li is completely speechless right now.

Si Jing Yu ends the call and puts it in silence mode before returning it to Si Zheng Ting.

Not long later, the phones screen flashes again.

Si Zheng Ting raises his eyebrows while Si Jing Yu says, Dont answer her call. Let me tell you this, she is just bored. She thought everyone is like..

The remaining words remain unsaid, but it is clear that everyone knows who she is referring to.

All except Zhuang Nai Nai.

The corner of Si Zheng Tings lips twitches as he says, Actually, what mom said wasnt wrong. You.

I promised my friend to go to Egypt the day after tomorrow. I need to search for my inspiration. I—-

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