Hello, Heir! Chapter 205


Si Jing Yu seems as though she is avoiding eye-contact with Shi Jin Yan. She does not look at him at all as she smiles at Si Zheng Ting, Our house is currently flooded and is currently under renovation. I will have to live here for the next couple of days. Do not abandon your older sister, oh!

Si Zheng Ting frowns, Then, brother-in-law..

He will live in his company, Si Jing Yu waves her arm off. He is busy all day and does not have time to return home. Otherwise, our house wouldve been fixed long ago.

After saying that, she turns to Shi Jin Yan, Alright, it is going to be 9pm soon. If you dont leave now, you wont be able to leave for tonight.

Shi Jin Yan narrows his eyes, I wont leave then.

No! I am a virtuous wife! If you dont go to work tomorrow, the people in your company will blame me! Si Jing Yu smiles sweetly.

Hearing that, Shi Jin Yan smiles, En, this time around, you should stay in Beijing a while longer. Once I took care of everything, we will travel together.

Si Jing Yu looks like she wants to say something, but Shi Jin Yan is quicker, Di Hao Groups Design Department needs you. The 100th year anniversary celebration is just around the corner. Do you have the heart to simply hand everything over to Zheng Ting? Dont forget that he has just gotten married.

Si Jing Yu frowns when she hears that. She glares at Shi Jin Yan.

Shi Jin Yan looks at her earnestly, as though saying, if you dont agree, I will not leave.

Si Jing Yu really does not want to be under the same roof as him, right now

She looks at Si Zheng Ting. They havent met for months and his originally lanky body is even skinner right now.

For the past half a year, she went around travelling the world, handing over the company completely to her brother. He will only be 25 years old this year.

She has neglected him.

Si Jing Yu nods, Alright. I will cancel my trip. I will stay in Beijing for one month.

Now that they have reach an agreement, Shi Jin Yan does not wish to force her further, and so, he obediently leaves.

When Shi Jin Yans car leaves the compound, all three of them turn around to return to the house.

Si Zheng Ting gives Si Jing Yu a meaningful look before saying, Jie, brother-in-law is one of a kind.

Si Jing Yu stops in her steps before she smiles at him, Of course, can you expect anything less from me? But I have to say, your eyes are not bad as well! After saying that, she smiles at Zhuang Nai Nai. Now that I am staying, do I have to go to work tomorrow? she asks, changing the topic.

Up to you.

Si Jing Yu laughs happily, Then, its all set. Feel free to look for me when it comes to designs, but do not look for me for anything else. I really hate having to sort out problems!

Si Zheng Ting nods.

They all return to their respective room.

As Zhuang Nai Nai lies on the bed, she secretly sighs over the issues in Si jing Yus marriage. Are the Si family members cursed? Why do all their marriages end up badly?

No, she must not say that.

She turns to the man lying next to her. When she recalls what happened today, she cannot help but ask, Why didnt you ask me what really happened, Si Zheng Ting?

Even though he knows she lied about the reason for her tears, he took care of her so nicely. This feels so surreal. Happiness comes too fast that she cannot wrap her head around it.





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