Hello, Heir! Chapter 214


The closer Shi Jin Yan gets to them, the tighter Si Jing Yus hold becomes.

Just as he is about to reach he top of the staircase, Si Jing Yu steps forward with a hostile expression, What are you doing here?

Shi Jin Yan pauses for a moment before sighing, I.

Si Jing Yu narrows her eyes before pointing at the door with her slender finger, I want you to leave, now.

Right after she says that, the sound of a door opening can be heard and Si Zheng Ting walks out of the master bedroom.

The look of hostility in her face immediately disappears as she forces herself to appear amiable, Didnt you say you are busy today?

So why isnt he leaving yet?

Shi Jin Yan understands what she means by that. His eyes leave Si Jing Yu and fall on Si Zheng Ting.

Si Zheng Ting walks over expressionlessly. He appears less icy when he is with his loved ones.

It is not easy for you to return here, you should spend more time with brother-in-law, Si Zheng Ting says towards Si Jing Yu before turning towards Shi Jin Yan. No matter how busy your work is, you should still spend time with your family.

That sentence sounds very simple, but it contains underlying heaviness.

Shi Jin Yan narrows his eyes as he lock eyes with Si Zheng Ting.

As a man, you should make your woman happy, Si Zheng Ting continues.

Zhuang Nai Nai, who is standing on the sideline, really wants to praise Si Zheng Ting at the moment. Seems like even he has noticed that there is something wrong between the two at the moment.

However, rather than threatening, Si Zheng Ting is currently advising, so he probably does not know what Shi Jin Yan has done.

Nevermind, this is more than enough!

Both Zhuang Nai Nai and Si Jing Yu look at Shi Jin Yan.

Normal people would get agitated upon receiving that kind of admonishment, but to Zhuang Nai Nais surprise, Shi Jin Yan simply looks down before nodding, I will keep that in mind.

Even Si Jing Yu is stunned, as though not expecting him to react that way.

The atmosphere feels really weird. Just as Zhuang Nai Nai is trying to figure out the way to diffuse the tension, someone grabs hold of her wrist.

Si Zheng Ting drags her away before nodding towards Si Jing Yu and Shi Jin Yan, Have a good night sleep, then.

Then, he drags Zhuang Nai Nai to their room.

As she is getting dragged away, she turns around to look at Si Jing Yu, as though wanting to say something. Upon one look from Si Zheng Tings sharp eyes, she changes her mind and keeps her mouth shut.

She gives Si Jing Yu a you are on your own look before laughing awkwardly.

The moment they enter the room, Si Zheng Ting closes the door.

When she looks at Si Zheng Tings cold face, her heart beats uncontrollably.

She swallows heavily.

Si Zheng Ting speaks first, Arent you going to work tomorrow? Are you planning to arrive late?

Zhuang Nai Nai: ..

This man! Will it kill him to just say, sleep early?

He is clearly worried about others, but always puts on a cold face.

She purses her lips. Just as she turns around to go to the bathroom, she hears Si Zheng Ting saying, Gu De Shou called you earlier. What are the design drafts that he wants?

Zhuang Nai Nai stops in her steps and turns around to look at him in surprise.


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