Hello, Heir! Chapter 219


Si Jing Yu feels her body sinking into the mattress when Shi Jin Yan presses himself from on top. Before she even has the time to breath, he leans in towards her.

The distance between their faces is only a couple of centimeters away. She can feel his hot breaths falling in on her cheeks. Her heart races.

What.. is he trying to do?

She holds in her breath, her tense body trembling slightly.

Shi Jin Yan looks at her panicked face. He sighs.

He leans down further, and just as their lips are about to touch, Si Jing Yu looks away.

Si Jing Yu clenches her fists as she grits her teeth. Just what is he taking her for?

She loves him, loves him to the point where there is no cure for it, but not to the point where she can be shameless.

He prances around with Bai Yue out there, is Bai Yue not enough for him?

Irritation fills her heart when she thinks of that. Shi Jin Yan, it is illegal to force ones spouse even if you are married! she yells at him.

Shi Jin Yans eyes dim down, I understand. Dont worry, I will not do that to you.

As Si Jing Yu sighs in relief, she also unconsciously feels disappointed.

She really looks down on herself. They are already at this stage, what else is she anticipating from him?

She pushes him away.

Shi Jin Yan settles next to her, both of them staring at the ceiling motionlessly.

After a while, Si Jing Yu sits up. She turns her head to look at him and finds her eyes resting on the muscles on his body. They are prominent even when he puts clothes on. Her face turns red.

Shi Jin Yan should be embarrassed of himself, but instead of looking so, he lies there casually as though they are a pair of husband and wife that has been married for decades.

She bites her lips, Is it hard for you to put clothes on, Shi Jin Yan?

Shi Jin Yan cushions his head with his own arms, completely disregarding his current condition, It is not like you have not seen it before.

Si Jing Yu: .

She bites her lips and covers his body with a blanket.

This man is indeed her enemy.

She gets up and pours herself a cup of water. When she returns to the bed again, he has already closed his eyes, seemingly sleeping.

Si Jing Yu:

She knows that this man is toying with her and that she is not his opponent, but what right does he has to sleep on her bed?

Her chest feels suffocated and she turns around and walks to the couch.

Ever since Bai Yue came back into the picture half a year ago, she already made up her mind to divorce him. If she gives in right now, all of her efforts to avoid him for the past half a year will be in vain.

She lies on the couch, covering herself with a blanket, her mind in utter mess.

Her chest feels so heavy. She originally thought that half a year would be enough for her to get over everything.

None of them bothered to turn off the light, so the brightness of the room is a little annoying.

She wraps her head around the blanket, trying to fall asleep and failing.

She takes a deep breath and puts the blanket away. She can hear a click and the room is suddenly plunged into darkness, just like her entire world did half a year ago.

Half a year ago, she thought she was the luckiest woman in the world. And then, she saw him and Bai Yue walking out of a hotel, with Bai Yue wrapping her arm around his arm.





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