Hello, Heir! Chapter 221


Amidst the silence, she can hear Shi Jin Yan sighing before saying, Lets have children, Jing Yu.

Si Jing Yus body turns rigid.

He has not sleep yet?

She quickly turns her body around, her back facing Shi Jin Yan.  She quickly wipes her tears before forcing herself to coldly say, When are we going to divorce?

He remains quiet for a long time.

Just as she thought he is playing dead, he says, Must we really divorce?

Si Jing Yu clenches her fist, En.

The moment she says that, she hears the sound of the blanket rustling behind her before a body suddenly presses itself against her back.

She is taken by surprise by that movement.  Just as she is about to turn around to scold him, he speaks first, I dont want to divorce, Jing Yu.

Her tears unconsciously fall again.

He does not want a divorce?  So does she, but what is the point of keeping this marriage?

She wipes her nose, bracing herself to ask him the very question that she has been itching to ask for so many years, Do you.. love me?

The man is momentarily taken aback, I..

Before he even finish speaking, the sound of a phone ringing breaks through the silence.

Shi Jin Yans phone is placed on the dresser next to Si Jing Yus side of the bed.

The screen is currently flashing.

Both of them are taken by surprise by the sudden interruption. Si Jing Yu picks up the phone and looks at the ID of the caller, Yue Yue.

Yue Yue?

Isnt that Bai Yue?

Si Jing Yu feels like she has gotten slapped.  How low has she fallen to be asking that silly question?

Does she lack love so much that she is this desperate towards this kind of man?

She grips the phone and gets up, turning the light on.  The room is suddenly bright again.  Tears are still brimming at the corner of her eyes as she looks at Shi Jin Yan sharply.

He freezes.  He has known her for so long and she has always been outgoing and light-hearted.  Never before has he seen her cry.

Just as he is about to speak, she sneers at him mockingly before handing him the phone.

He accepts the phone.  When he sees the caller ID, his eyes turn heavy.  He looks up at Si Jing Yu, Jing Yu, I..

Accept the call first.  After saying that, she looks at the clock on the wall, It is already over 1 am, I wonder why she is calling for you at this kind of time.

Shi Jin Yan frowns as he walks towards one side of the room to accept the call.  Hello, his voice is dripping with displeasure.

Si Jing Yu does not know what the other party say, but she can see the frown deepening on Shi Jin Yans face.

. I will quickly get over there.

Just as he hangs up, he turns around to look at Si Jing Yu, only to find her staring at him icily.

Shi Jin Yans head suddenly hurts.  He opens his mouth, trying to say something but cannot find anything to say.

He quickly puts on his clothes and walks towards the door with his briefcase in his hand.

Just as he is about to walk out of the door, he hears Si Jing Yu saying, I have given you the divorce letter.  If you still wont sign it by tomorrow, I will ask my lawyer to take this matter to court.


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