Hello, Heir! Chapter 239

The room is deathly quiet.

She has no idea how long Si Zheng Ting has been standing there, and how much he has overheard.

He is wearing a white shirt and his tall slender body is radiating cold air.

She cannot see any expression on his sharp phoenix eyes and that somehow makes her even more scared.

Being look at by him like that makes it hard for her to breathe.

He is very scary.

Zhuang Nai Nai stares at him wide-eyed. When she finally processed what she and Ding Mengya has been talking about, she anxiously tries to explain herself, Listen to me, Si Zheng Ting. It is not like that!

How much money did you take?

She can sense a slight vibration in his cold, furious voice.

Her heart unconsciously tightens when she hears his voice. It was not easy for them to mend their relationship and now, a cold war is going to recommence.

No, she has to explain everything clearly!

She swallows heavily, No, it was not like that.. It was your mother She..

Before she even finishes speaking, he steps forward and tips up her chin, forcing her to look at him.

A flash of pain can be seen in Si Zheng Tings eyes, Answer my question! How much did you take?

How much money was it for her to pick it over him?

He had tried so hard to figure out why she would leave him back then, but he could never come up with a proper reason.

Back then, she told him that his mother had done something to her. He had unhesitantly believed her, he even tried so hard to make things up for her, but now?

Did she really promise his mother to never speak of that matter again, or was she simply too ashamed to?

The amount of force he exerted in holding her chin unconsciously increases.

Zhuang Nai Nai feels like her jaw is about to snap off. Tears of pain starts pooling in her eyes.

Everything she planned to say to him becomes stuck inside her throat. She looks at Si Zheng Ting tearfully, knowing that she really must explain everything this time. Otherwise, things might never be the same again for them.

Now that they have come to this stage, what is there to hide anymore?

She bites her lips, Si Zheng Ting, it was your mother who harmed my mother..

How much was it? his fierce voice booms over her.

She trembles when she hears his voice. She looks at him fearfully. Si Zheng Ting has never been this emotional before.

When they were dating, he would simply ignore her if he was angry with her.

Now that they are married, he rarely shows his anger to her.

Even when scorning her, he would do it with an unperturbed voice.

But now..

His eyes are full of malice. The force that he is using to tip her chin up is so big that she feels like her chin is about to crumble.

Thinking about what he will do for revenge scares her so much.

Last time, he branded her with a tattoo and put iron plates on Boss Huangs hands. His method of revenge is unique and vicious, she does not want to know what he will do to her this time.

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