Hello, Heir! Chapter 240

She does not have the guts to say anything else and simply answers the question he asked her, 300,000 yuan.

300,000 yuan?

She abandoned him 5 years back for 300,000 yuan?

Their three years long relationship was worth less than 300,000 yuan for her?

A look of bitterness flashes on Si Zheng Tings face.

He increases the force in his hand, causing her to gasp in shock.

That small sound she made brings him back to reality.

All he can see is that pain in her face and the fearful way she is looking at him.

Blood surges in his head.  He really wants to destroy this woman and made her a part of himself so that she cannot hurt him any longer.

But, the pitiful way she is looking at him makes his heart soft.

He lets go of her, takes a few steps backwards and walks out of the room.


The door closes with a loud bang. 

Zhuang Nai Nais legs turn soft and she falls into a heap of mess on the ground.

Her entire body is shaking.  Si Zheng Ting looked like the God of Death himself, he was so scary.

But, when her mind processes the fact that he is leaving, a small voice inside her head tells her to chase after him.  To explain everything clearly.

They had been getting along fine these days, it almost reminds her of their relationship 5 years ago.

Her body is shaking but her eyes are determined.  She stands up and runs after him downstairs.


Si Zheng Tings entire head is murderous mess.  His mind keeps repeating what she said.

300,000 yuan.

What an insulting reason for a breakup.

He kept missing her after their breakup.  He kept wondering if he was too much back then, to the point where she could not bear to be with him.

In fact, he kept remembering about their breakup even after their marriage, promising himself he would treat her better.

But now..

She actually left him for 300,000 yuan!  What an insult to him!

Si Zheng Ting walks out of the door and puts on his shoes.  It is only then that he realized that he is still holding something.

Earlier, after eating dinner with Ding Mengya, Si Zheng Ting went to his study instead of returning to their room.

There was a brand-new laptop on the desk in his study.

After the day Zhuang Nai Nai asked to borrow his laptop, he searched for a new laptop the very next day, wanting to find one that suit females like her.

It was originally meant as a gift to congratulate her for her salary.

He personally installed all the necessary softwares for her and even designed the background himself, knowing that she likes the color pink.

The laptop is full of his personal touch.  It was a loving gesture from him to her.

He hesitated awkwardly earlier, what if she noticed that he organized everything according to her preference?

But when he imagined her pleased look after receiving the laptop, he made his way to their room with the laptop anyway.

That would his first time giving someone a gift, so he was pretty tense.

He walked into the room with light steps.  He noticed that she was standing on the balcony, probably answering a call.

He could not hear the conversation clearly, but when he reached the balcony, he heard his mother saying, .you chose money over Zheng Ting back then..

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