Hello, Heir! Chapter 242

When she walks past Ding Mengya, she cannot stop herself from saying, Are you happy now? He hates me again, you must really happy.

Ding Mengya purses her lips, her face looking solemn, I didnt want it to be this way, I

Zhuang Nai Nai ignores her and walks away.

Her back silhouette makes other peoples hearts turn sour.

Ding Mengya seems like she wants to say something, but didnt know what to say. Si Jing Yu walks over to her hesitantly. Traces of resentment can be seen on her face before she says, Ma, you are really.. Zheng Ting and Nai Nai have just made up, why did you bring up about the past?

Maybe other people cannot see Si Zheng Tings love for Zhuang Nai Nai, but her, Si Jing Yu, can. There is no way things would have gotten to this stage unless if what happened 5 years back has been brought into the open.

When Ding Mengya hears that, she sighs, the expression on her face hesitant and awkward, I saw her when she was accepting a call, how could I know Zheng Ting was behind her? I..Haih Jing Yu, you are the closest to Zheng Ting, what do you think we should do?

It has been five years and Si Zheng Ting has never allowed any other woman to come close to him. Ding Mengya feels like the chance of hugging her grandchildren is gone now. If Zheng Ting had not been so closed off to other women, Ding Mengya would have never allowed him to marry someone who chose money over him, on the first place.

Although Si Zheng Ting and Zhuang Nai Nai frequently fought after their marriage, it has never gotten this big.

Ding Mengya really regrets what she did, but how could she say it out loud?

Si Jing Yu looks at Zhuang Nai Nai who is climbing the stairs one by one. After a moment, she says, Never mind. They will have to face this matter sooner or later, let them solve this on their own. If they dont pass this hurdle, they will never be truly happy together.

Some issues will only get worse if left buried.


The room is very dim. Zhuang Nai Nai is lying on the bed, her phone in hand. She has been calling Si Zheng Ting non-stop, but he isnt answering.

The room feels so cold now that she is alone in it.

She turns sideway, hugging the blanket as tears trail down her face.

She has never feel so wronged before.

He wouldnt even listen to her explanation, what a despicable person!

She takes a deep breath and decides to go to sleep, but everytime she closes her eyes, she sees him standing in front of her, trying to control his fury and hurt. When she remembers the way he looked at her, something sinks in her stomach.

In the end, although she is tired, she cannot sleep.

She hugs her pillow and stays awake until the sun rises.

Just as the sun rises, she picks up her phone. She counts the number of times she called him last night; 100 times. He didnt pick up.

She sighs and rushes to the bathroom, washing her face with cold water. The cold water makes her head feels clear.

She looks up at the mirror and sees herself staring back, her hair is messy and her face is tear-stained. She looks pale and her eyes are swollen. She couldnt have looked any more pathetic, but she couldnt bother to make herself look presentable. Once she makes sure that the swelling on her eyes have gone down a little, she walks out of the bedroom.
The first person she sees is Ding Mengya, who is standing in the lawn.

She is still wearing her nightdress, but because the weather is cold, she wears a red robe over it.

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