Hello, Heir! Chapter 249

When Zhang Chao Wen sees her acting like that, he feels like he is punching a bag of cotton.

Whenever he scolded her in the past, she would look at him all large-eyed before stuttering to defend herself.  Now that she is acting out of character, scolding her suddenly seem pointless.  Zhang Chao Wen decides to ignore her this time and leaves.

After Zhang Chao Wen left, Zhuang Nai Nai sits on her seat wordlessly.  Her head is still blank.  By the time she regains her composure, she realizes that she has been grasping the card so tightly that it almost slice through her palm.

Pain surges through her heart.

She looks at the card blankly before suddenly laughing.

She had originally planned to demand her salary back, who would have thought that she would get 10 million yuan in return?

She will use it to buy a house for her mother, one that she can live in once she returns to the country.  When she imagines her mothers pleased expression upon stepping foot into a new house, her heart lightens up a little.

She picks up her phone and dials the number of a real estate agency, asking them to find her a house.  Then, she goes back to her work.


The atmosphere inside the topmost floor is heavy.

After Zhuang Nai Nai left, no sound can be heard from Si Zheng Tings office.

Ji Chen and his secretary, May does not have the guts to bother him.

All the documents that they need him to review can only wait outside.

May looks at Ji Chen anxiously, What should I do?  This document is worth tens of millions!

Ji Chen tries to peek into the office before sighing, Let me test the waters first.

He knocks on the door, but no one answers.

He pushes open the door and walks in, but he cannot find Mr. Si anywhere.

Mr. Si must be resting in his own private lobby.  When he walks to the adjacent lobby, he finds Mr. Si resting there, looking at an old photograph without even blinking.

It is his graduation picture.

Zhuang Nai Nai is smiling happily to the camera.

Ji Chen has seen that picture before, but he always thought that it didnt capture Miss Zhuangs face clearly.  Although that picture is not very clear, Mr. Si can spend a long time looking at it.

From the way things are looking, Mr. Si is not going to go back to work today.

Ji Chen clears his throat before respectfully saying, Sir..

Si Zheng Ting turns around and looks at him sharply.

He quickly says, The design drafts for yours and madams outfits for the 100th year anniversary celebration is here.  Would you like to change anything?

After he says that, the look on Si Zheng Tings face is no longer menacing.

Si Zheng Ting walks out of the lobby.

Ji Chen sighs as he looks at his retreating back and immediately follows suit.

Si Zheng Ting reviews that draft in full concentration, very earnestly.  If one looks carefully, they will see that his full attention is on the womans dress. 

There are many things missing.  It does not look special at all.  The dress does not really suit Zhuang Nai Nai.  Si Zheng Ting is definitely not satisfied with the design.

Those simple sentences tell Ji Chen that the Apparel Department will work overtime tonight.

He takes that chance to bring up about the documents, Sir, there are also two other documents that need your attention.  You.

Si Zheng Ting looks at him, Bring them in.

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