Hello, Heir! Chapter 252

5 years later, it is his turn to bully her.

And now, even the ground decides to bully her.  Is she born to be bullied?

Tears blur her vision as she clenches her fists tight. 

As though sensing something, she suddenly looks up and finds herself locking eyes with Si Zheng Ting.

She freezes.  Her mind turns blank for a moment before she quickly hides her face.

She tries to make herself as small and unnoticeable as possible.  She feels so embarrassed that she wants to dig a hole to hide herself in.

The difference between them is like heaven and earth.

The humiliation that she feels makes her heart aches so much.

Unfortunately, she can hear the sound of his footsteps approaching her.

 He stops right in front of her.

She bites her lips, smiling bitterly.

She is already pitiful enough in front of him as it is, why does the heavens let him see her in this condition?

Even without looking up, she knows that his face ought to be green at the moment.  She is his wife and yet she goes around tripping out in the open in front of so many people.  He must be seeing her as some kind of embarrassment right now.

She smiles self-depracatingly.  Just as she is about to stand up, she sees him stooping down towards her and with one swift move, lifts her up bridal-style.

She stares at him blankly.  She would never imagine that the clean freak Si Zheng Ting would disregard everything and carries her up. 

His body carries his own unique scent that she is so familiar with.  Her nose feels sour.

She has never allowed other people to bully her to this degree.  If this had been any other workplace, she wouldnt have tolerated Zhang Chao Wen.  But this is Di Hao, Si Zheng Tings Di Hao.  Her every move will reach his ears.  Right now, they are treading on thin ice, she does not wish and does not dare to bring trouble to him.

Thats why she endured everything Zhang Chao Wen threw to her.  That is why she continued working despite being ill.  She does not want to be taken to Si Zheng Ting.

Now, she cannot hold in her feelings any longer, especially when she sees this man holding her with such warmth despite showing such a cold face. 

Her tears fall and she quickly buries her face against his arm.

She does not dare to peek at Si Zheng Tings face.  This is perhaps the limit of his tolerance for her, holding her without disdain in this manner.

Because of that, she does not see the ache inside Si Zheng Tings eyes for her.  As he walks on, that ache turns to pure anger.

Cold air radiates from his body as he looks at the mealboxes on the ground.  He suddenly remembers Su Jin Huis message, You are new to the company, so you are bound to encounter some trial. 

Back then, he did not put much thought to it because he trusts Ji Chen to be able to take care of her, but who would have thought that this is what he will see?

His eyes turn icy.  His fury will not cease even if he puts a thousand blades on the body of the people who bully her.

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