Hello, Heir! Chapter 3

Early in the morning the next day,


Si Zheng Tings steps suddenly stops as he walk out of his room.


A woman is sitting in front of the door, curling into a little ball. Behind her is the bed sheet that was thrown out yesterday.


Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, Zhuang Nai Nai raises her head, her originally dim eyes suddenly flashing brilliantly.


Si Zheng Ting is wearing a pair of trimmed suit, emphasizing his tall stature. He has a calm temperament. His shirt is white while his tie is black. Even though his outfits are simple, it made him look noble and intimidating.


Under the sunlight, his facial features are chiselled; especially his calm eyes that resembling a starry sky. It looks deep, mysterious. Just one look is enough to make people fall for him.


Zhuang Nai Nai is stunned for a moment before she regains her composure and quickly keeps up with him with a brilliant smile on her face, Hi, good morning.


The way she acts is as though last night never happened.


There is a faint frown on Si Zheng Tings eyebrows, one that quickly disappears. He walks past her without sparing her a single glance. His assistants and bodyguards who have been there early in the morning, follow him from behind.


Zhuang Nai Nai rubs her nose as she watches the tall silhouette that stands out amidst the crowd. He is surrounding by air of haughtiness. She bites her lips and continues following him.


That— Did you sleep well yesterday?


Si Zheng Ting ignores her. She continues speaking to herself, her voice really warm as though she is virtuous, I think you didnt sleep too well. That must be why your expression looks so bad.


The man purses his lips tight. Zhuang Nai Nai realizes she spoke too much and shut her mouth.


This man—- will gold falls out of his mouth if he speaks? Will he get pregnant if he speaks?


Remembering how she waited for him outside all night, Zhuang Nai Nai suddenly feels wronged.


Watching the crowd making their way to the exit downstairs, her dark beady eyes flash. She smiles before opening her mouth sweetly, Why didnt you eat breakfast? Breakfast is really important! She lowers her head to look at her watch as she says that, Experts says that if you dont eat breakfast before 8 am, your stomach will automatically experience peristalsis and starts to take in the remains of the things you ate the day before. In other words, you will eat your own.




The two assistants following Si Zheng Ting from behind couldnt stop themselves from gasping in shock. She is the first person who dares to curse their boss in that manner.


Feeling the cold air from the man near them, the assistants doesnt dare to even breathe out loud.


Before the word poop even gets out of her mouth, Si Zheng Ting stops walking and turns around.


She didnt manage to stop in time and ends up walking right into his chest.


She raises her head. Whatever it is she wanted to say remains in her throat when she gets that icy look from him. She unconsciously trembles.


Si Zheng Ting does not speak. He continues looking at her coldly, his eyes containing not a single trace of warmth. She feels like she is trapped inside an ice cellar, the chill penetrates her bones!


She is done for, the joke has gotten a tad too big!


Zhuang Nai Nai really wants to give her own mouth a slap— what is wrong with her?!


She takes two steps back, putting some distance from him while motioning a zipping gesture on her own mouth, OK, I will zip my mouth. I will not speak anymore.


There isnt a single change in Si Zheng Tings facial expression, but the iciness and disdain in his eyes got even more apparent.



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