Hello, Heir! Chapter 37


After hanging up, Lin Xi Er sends the photos to some major news outlets in Beijing, creating a furore.

Mr.Si is getting married!

Their original headlines ends up getting pushed back as their editors work extra hard to squeeze in a new draft.

They must not fall behind when it comes to a news as big as this.

A storm is brewing for the business world in Beijing.

On the next day, the entire city is shook. All the headlines are about Mr. Si.

[Rumours Mill: Mr. Sis Impending Marriage?] [The Mysterious Girlfriend is Gu Enterprises Young Miss?] [Mr. Si and His Fiancees Marriage Rumour]

Over the years, Si Zheng Ting has led Di Hao Group to the point where it is untouchable. He himself is very low-key, there is almost no scandal about him out there.

All the reports about him in the past are based on blind items and hear-says, but this time, they actually managed to get multiple pictures of it. Although the girls face isnt very clear, Mr. Sis face can be seen really clearly on the photos.

How can any of the new outlets miss this chance?

In the blink of an eye, these news bring ripples to a calm surface.



Gu Residence, 8 am

In the living room, Gu De Shou and Li Yu Feng looks at the newspaper in disbelief, W-What happened?

Zhuang Nai Nai pretends to be shocked, This—- Who took these pictures of us?

Gu De Shou is quiet for a moment before comforting her, Do not be angry, since both of you have decided to get married, these pictures are nothing.

Zhuang Nai Nais eyes flash when she hears that.

These two people must have been really happy when they read this news. Now, Gu De Shou finally cares about her.

She lowers her head, hiding her disdainful smile.

As for Li Yu Feng, although she appears calm, the tone she uses when speaking with Gu De Shou is enough to indicate her light mood, Since she is getting married, Qing Yan must have enough dowry. I have kept a lot of jewelleries, I will make a list of the dowry later. Although there is a big difference between us and Di Hao Group, we must not let our daughter be married off in a pitiful manner.

When Gu De Shou hears this, he nods, You are right. I am going to transfer 20% of Gu Enterprises share to Qing Yan.


The disdain in Zhuang Nai Nais heart increases. Are they treating her so well because they think she is going to become Mrs. Si soon?

Once they find out the truth. Hahaha, they will probably break her legs.

Zhuang Nai Nai interrupts them, Dad, that 500,000 yuan?

Oh, there is 500,000 yuan in this card. The password is 123456, Gu De Shou happily gives her money before resuming his conversation with Li Yu Feng.

Zhuang Nai Nai immediately calls a cab and brings a lawyer with her to settle the problem on her mothers side.

Once they are free and no longer have any case, she gives Lin Xi Er a call, Xi Er, help my mom pack up. I am going to take her away from this place.

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