Hello, Heir! Chapter 38


At the train station, Zhuang Nai Nai buys two tickets to Hangzhou. Then, she waits anxiously for Lin Xi Er to bring her mother over.

She paces in front of the stations entrance uneasily.

She has completely betrayed Si Zheng Ting this time.

Thinking about what he will do..

Zhuang Nai Nai can feel cold sweats forming on her back. She shivers; what await her ought to be tremendously scary.

So this time, she needs to run.

She is a college graduate; although she practically lived in Beijing all her life, she will be able to survive just the same, living in other places.

There are so many places for her to hide, it will be hard for Si Zheng Ting to find her.

What worries her is.. Will his anger be great enough for him to unleash it on Gu Enterprise?

Zhuang Nai Nai feels a little guilty when thinking about that.

She shakes her head vigorously; what is the point of thinking about all that?

Never mind the fact that she is still not sure if Gu De Shou and Li Yu Feng are her real parents, even if they are, she has no feelings for them. What is the point of worrying about them?

She has not slept properly for days. Although she is worried, the fatigue catches up and she finds herself dozing in a bench.

She has a nightmare.

In her dream, Gu De Shou and Li Yu Fengs hands are pressed against hot irons. They look at her angrily, before pointing at her in fury, Gu Qing Yan, how could you do this to us?!

No! I didnt do it on purpose! She wakes up with a start and ends up falling on her bum to the ground.

Hahahahahaha! Everyone around her who witnessed that laughs at her. A boy even sticks his tongue out to her.

Zhuang Nai Nai is so embarrassed that she really wants to dig a hole and hides herself in it.

She covers her face before finding another seat to sit on. After that dream, her mood becomes worse.

The pained expressions on Gu De Shou and Li Yu Fengs faces are still playing in her head.

She waves her hand away, hoping to dissolves that mental image from her head. She looks at her phone; the train is leaving in 30 minutes, why isnt her mother here yet?

She calls Lin Xi Er. Her friend sounds like she is about to burst out in tears, Nai Nai, there is a traffic accident there, so the road is congested. Dont worry though, we should be able to arrive in 30 minutes.

Why is her road to escaping so troubled?

After hanging up on the call, she fiddles with her phone to pass time. She stumbles upon Gu De Shous number. As if in a trance, she presses call.

Gu De Shou answers fairly quickly. He sounds very light-hearted, Whats wrong, Qing Yan? Is the matter solved?

Zhuang Nai Nais heart suddenly turns sour, Everything is fine, now.

Good. Me and your mother are dealing with your dowry. Me and your mother have wronged you for so many years, so we want to give you a little more. My child, do not blame your mother for speaking the way she did. Think from her perspective. Her child was forcibly taken away and now that child is siding with another woman. It is only natural for her to be angry.

Hearing that, Zhuang Nai Nais eyes turn red. She nods, I understand.

En, good child. Once you are done, hurry and get home. Ever since you returned to our home, we didnt get the chance to properly welcome you. We were too preoccupied with other things. Today is the weekend, your brother and sister will return home to eat dinner with us; to celebrate you.


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