Hello, Heir! Chapter 50


After saying that, Zhuang Nai Nai ends the call.

As she looks at the people inside the room, she secretly sighs. Sorry, Si Zheng Ting, I used you again. The last time she used him, he forcibly gave her a tattoo. This time..

Gu De Shou and the rest are happy. Only Zhuang Nai Nai is listless as she stares at the dishes in front of her.


The very top floor of Di Hao Group,

The night is deep. Through the windows, one can see the night lights of the city of Beijing.

Si Zheng Tings eyes flashes as he listens to the beeping sound from the other side of the phone. He puts away his phone before looking at Ji Chen, Have you investigated the Gu Family?

Ji Chen nods before handing over some document to him, The DNA test result is here.

Si Zheng Ting reads the result, his eyes shrinking a little.

After a while, he puts away the document and taps on the table with his fingers. He looks imposing, like Asura, Contact Gu De Shou and tell him to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau at 2pm tomorrow.

Ji Chen is stunned. After a moment, he says, Yes.

Outside, a couple of his bodyguards are busy gossiping.

Da Shan says, Is Mr. Si really going to get married?

Huang Peidong shakes his head, I dont think so. Miss Gu is an unreliable person. Mr. Si has warned her to not play around, and she still took advantage of him through a phone call. Mr. Si is going to destroy her! If Mr. Si does not show up at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow, Gu De Shou will know that Miss Gu has been lying to him.

Da Shan and Xiao Shan nods in agreement.

As they speak, they can hear Ji Chen clearing his throat near them. When they look at his direction, they discover Mr. Si standing by the doorway, glancing at them icily.

They can feel the chills running through their back as they stand straight and respectfully greet him, Mr. Si.

Si Zheng Ting does not say anything and simply walks past them. They sigh in relief, thinking that the matter has ended as they follow him from behind.

Inside the elevator, Si Zheng Ting suddenly speaks, Da Zhuang, today, you will clean up the mess.

The elevator is quiet. Everyone looks at Huang Pei Dong. He finally realizes that Mr. Si has been talking to him, Mr. Si, my name is Huang Pei Dong, not.

Si Zheng Ting gives him a cold glance and he immediately lost the courage to speak.

After Si Zheng Ting walks out of the elevator, Da Shan and Xiao Shan kindly pat him in the shoulder, Good luck, Da Zhuang!

Huang Pei Dong looks at Ji Chen, Mr. Ji, I.

Ji Chen sighs, looking really solemn though his voice suggests that he is taking pleasure at others misfortune, You gossiped about Mr. Si behind his back. It is good enough that he only changes your name and did not make you run for as far as 300 km.

When Huang Pei Dong- no, Huang Da Zhuang hears that, he can only lower his head.


They are registering their marriage tomorrow?!

Zhuang Nai Nai almost spits out the food inside her mouth.

There must be a mistake!

But, that look of excitement on Gu De Shous face..

She remembers what Si Zheng Ting said to her, Try to toy with my feelings again and I will kill you!

Zhuang Nai Nai can practically see the Grim Reaper beckoning her over.

She is done for!

Si Zheng Ting is exacting revenge!

He will not show up tomorrow and Gu De Shou and the rest will finds out about the truth!

What should she do?

Zhuang Nai Nai cannot bring herself to eat anymore. She feigns discomfort and returns to her room. Picking up her phone, she gives Si Zheng Ting a call.




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