Hello, Heir! Chapter 51

The night is cold.

The private residential area where the Gu Villa lies is quiet. Standing on that balcony, one could see the lights of the city in the distance.

Zhuang Nai Nai, however, is not in the mood to admire views. She takes out her phone and gives Si Zheng Ting a call.

Her heart palpitates a bit.

What shall she say once the call is connected? I hope you can come to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow?

That is simply wishful thinking.

Then, can she ask for a little help from him, asking him to call Gu De Shou and tell him that he is busy tomorrow, and that registering the marriage will have to wait?

As she is busy being nervous, the call is getting through.

Zhuang Nai Nai feels so anxious that she is about to die. But then again, things have come to this stage, the worst that can happen is that Si Zheng Ting will reveal everything to everyone. She can personally admit everything to Gu De Shou right now and if he dares to harm her mother, when push comes to a shove, she will fight him to death.

Yes, thats it! With that in mind, she gradually grows confident.

Zhuang Nai Nai prepares herself. The first thing she is going to (coolly) say once the call is connected is: What do you mean by all this?

However, reality is often different than dreams.

Sorry, the number that you have dialled.

Hearing that machine-ladys voice, Zhuang Nai Nai really wants to throw her phone off the balcony.

He actually turned off his phone!

That bastard! He is doing this on purpose!

Zhuang Nai Nai scratches her head harshly, she feels so lost. She does not know what to do.

She throws herself onto her soft bed before covering her head with her blanket in defeat.

Never mind, just sleep.

Once tomorrow ends, she will not get to experience this kind of luxury anymore!

She originally thought she wouldnt get to sleep tonight, but the truth is, she is too tired from everything that happened today. That added with the fact that she hasnt been resting properly for a few days helps her sleep really well.

Outside, Gu Xing Shan sneaks into Gu Xing Haos room.

The topless Gu Xing Hao who is too busy playing with his computer turns to look at the door when he hears the sound of it opening. When he sees Gu Xing Shan, he panics and quickly put on a shirt. Why didnt you knock before entering?

Gu Xing Shan scoffs at him, I am your younger sister, I have seen you in a lot of situations. I even played with your jj when we were kids.

Gu Xing Hao: .

He goes back to his computer, Whats wrong?

Gu Xing Shan smiles at him, Ge, do you think that our sister will really be able to marry Mr. Si?

Gu Xing Haos wrist suddenly hurts again upon the mentioning of Zhuang Nai Nai. He massages his wrist. I think she is telling the truth. Thats why she is so arrogant.

Gu Xing Shan scoffs in disdain, I disagree. How can someone like Mr. Si likes her?

Gu Xing Hao impatiently says, Alright, alright. We will know the truth tomorrow. We will tag along with everyone to see it for ourselves.

Gu Xing Shans eyes light up. She has achieved her mission. A cunning smile is formed on her lips as she leaves the room.

It is a dreamless night. The next day, Zhuang Nai Nai is woken up by hunger.



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