Hello, Heir! Chapter 56


A car is parked outside Si Family manor.

The driver sits on the drivers seat without moving. Even breathing seems too much for him. He looks at the man who is sitting behind him. He has been sitting there without saying anything for the entire evening.

The other mans eyes are sharp, but are revealing traces of loneliness.

Mr. Si was clearly the one who bullied Miss Gu in the Civil Bureau Department, but why does it feels like he is the one getting bullied?

The loneliness that is radiating from him is very palpable.

But seriously? Loneliness?

The driver shakes his head and throws that weird thought out of his head.

Mr. Si has always been very decisive and powerful, that word does not match him.

The window of the car is suddenly knocked. The driver lowers the window, revealing Ji Chen, Mr. Si, are you not getting off the car?

Si Zheng Ting finally raises his head, his eyes sharp and icy. The way he looks at Ji Chen makes him feels cold in the neck.

Ji Chen swallows heavily before biting the bullet and saying, Sir, it is already dark. You should go home.

Si Zheng Ting does not say anything as he continues staring at Ji Chen.

Ji Chn is scared by the way he is looking at him, Sir?

Si Zheng Ting speaks with an unchanging face, Smile.

Ji Chen: Why does it feels like he is being molested? Mr. Sis request is too weird.

Mr. Si looks very imposing at the moment, does he dare to defy his order?

Ji Chen forces out a smile.

Si Zheng Ting looks at every nooks and crannies of his face, not letting go of a single detail. Then, he looks away while saying, Too ugly.

Ji Chen: .! This must be because Miss Zhuang praised his smile earlier on!

After a while, Si Zheng Ting opens the car door and walks out.

Ji Chen lowers his head, following him from behind.

After a couple of steps, Si Zheng Ting stops. JI Chen who is not paying any attention, continues walking. It is at that moment that Si Zheng Ting grabs him harshly by the arm.

Ji Chen feels like his arm is about to break.

He looks at Mr. Si and finds him looking at his arm in anger. Now that he thinks about it, this should be the arm that Miss Zhuang held earlier today.

Ji Chen is speechless. It hurt so much, Sir?

Si Zheng Ting looks like he has finally regains his composure, letting go of his arm slowly. Oh, I accidentally used too much force.

Ji Chen: ..!!!

He forces himself to smile, Its okay, Mr. Si.

Ji Chen, do you like working for me? Si Zheng Ting indifferently asks.

Such a tricky question.

Can he possibly answer no?

Ji Chen continues smiling, Yes, sir.

En. Then, do you need to show it all the time? His tone is icy as he speaks.

Ji Chen immediately stops smiling, I understand, Mr. Si.

He must remember not to smile in front of Mr. Si, in the future.

Si Zheng Ting is finally appeased and spares him, walking forward towards his house.

His eyes darken, suddenly finding himself childish and pathetic.

No matter what, he will never admit that he was jealous. Very much so.



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