Hello, Heir! Chapter 57


During the registration of their marriage, he was sitting in a car, watching everything unfolding. He could see everything through the glass door of the Civil Affair Bureau.

When Ji Chen arrived, the look of anticipation on her face almost made him get off the car.

But in the end, he did not.

He was afraid that he would say something poisonous while registering for this insincere marriage. With the proudness and loftiness embedded in her bones, she would have turned away from him and would leave him forever.

A touch of loneliness flashes through his eyes as he think of that.

She has no idea how much he looks forward to this marriage, how much he looks forward to marrying her. But, what about her?

She keeps lying and lying in front of him.

There is a monster called Zhuang Nai Nai embedded deep inside his heart.

Everytime she speaks sweetly to him with that calculating glint in her eyes, that monster would come out, messing up his thoughts and making him go crazy.

How is it that she is able to smile sincerely when it is not to him?

When he saw her chatting and smiling at Ji Chen earlier on, he envied Ji Chen so much.

Now that he thinks about it, he finds himself pathetic and sad.

They were clearly in love, 5 years ago.

How could that woman face him after doing something so hurtful?

He clenches his fist tight as his eyes harden. No matter what, he will not let her go, this time.

Zhuang Nai Nai, now that I have put my mark on your body, your entire being is mine, be it your body or your heart.


Si Zheng Ting does not like being disturbed, so there are not many maids in his manor.

Once night comes, none of them dares to dally upstairs. They all return to their own room. The entire manor is quiet.

Zhuang Nai Nai looks at the time, it is already 8 pm.

Although she has always been courageous, her heart beats really fast at the moment.

She puts down her phone and lies down on the bed, hugging the quilt.

She tries to listen for any kind of movement, but the entire house is very quiet. Is Si Zheng Ting not going home tonight?

Her eyes dim down at that thought.

Is he not coming home because of her?

Zhuang Nai Nai tugs at her own hair before burying her head underneath the quilt.

She can smell his scent on the bed sheets, familiar yet at the same time not really.

He smells really good.

She takes a deep breath and her messy heart gradually calms down.

Now that she has calmed down, she starts checking out the room.

His bedroom matches his style: clean and elegant dominated by the colour black and white.

But, this bed seems a little out of place in this room.

The bed is a white, European-style bed. It is huge, with a white canopy draping from the ceiling.

If one puts down the canopy and dims down the yellow light, it would make one feel like a princess.

She suddenly imagines Si Zheng Ting wearing a pink nightdress while lying on this bed. He smiles prettily in his sleep.


She didnt think that Si Zheng Ting would have this kind of taste!

How surprising!


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