Hello, Heir! Chapter 64


The teacher:

The teacher waved his hand off, looking quite disappointed.

Zhuang Nai Nai continued reading, My second dream is to have my own princess bed. I want it to be European-styled, 3 metres long. I can roll around it in peace. There must also be a canopy, I want it to be white. When the summer breeze blows in, it will look heavenly.

Her female classmates actually agreed with her dream.

This could be considered a fairly normal dream; she wasnt completely insalvageable.

Just as Si Zheng Ting sighed in relief, she continued speaking.

Of course, in order to make this dream come true, I must first do a research on the market of European-styled beds. Then, I need to work hard because I will need a new room. My current room is too small to fit a European-styled bed!



At the sound of boisterous laughters, Zhuang Nai Nai merely scratched her head as she stared at her classmates, laughing along.

That Zhuang Nai Nai was so innocent and pure, like a piece of white paper. Si Zheng Ting really wondered if there was really someone like her in this world.

Later, he would discover that her mindset was so different because she was influenced by her free-willed mother.

When he was in high school, his only friends were the children of executives and directors, like Su Yan Bin. The rest of the students didnt dare to approach him.

There were a lot of girls who had a crush on him, but only Zhuang Nai Nai dared to confess openly. It was as though she couldnt see the distance between them. She sounded so upright when chasing after him too.

Now that he thinks about it, his heart turns sour.

She has changed.

5 years have passed and she has learned to be a hypocrite. She has learned to be cautious in front of him.

Her confession 5 years ago was done in an upright manner, but now, her dislike towards him can only be suppressed in her heart.

His eyes darken. Should he be grateful that she has changed? If she had continued being her old honest self, she wouldnt have married him.

He frowns lightly. He puts down the canopy and his view of her is immediately obstructed. From the faint outline of her body, she really looks like a resting princess.

He gets dressed and fixes the curtain so that no light can get in. Then, he walks to the door before suddenly remembering something. He turns around and picks up a bag before pouring everything inside the drawer into the bag.

As he walks down the staircase, the housekeeper greets him. He looks past Si Zheng Ting with a smile, Sir, where is the madam?

She is too tired. Do not bother her.

Too tired? The housekeepers face blooms into a smile, Yes! Yes!

Si Zheng Ting tosses the bag to him, his voice a little cold, Uncle Li, I am still young, I do not need this. You are a different case. You need this more than I do.

The housekeeper: ..!



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