Hello, Heir! Chapter 65


Zhuang Nai Nai groggily wakes up.

The room is dark to the point where she cannot tell if it is night or day.

As she tries to find her phone to check the time, her entire body feels like it has been crushed by something.

What happened last night suddenly emerges in her mind. She immediately sits up.

Under the darkness, she can still tell that she is sitting on a dream-like bed.

The room is empty.

She is momentarily stunned. Then, she gets off the bed and pulls open the curtain, allowing bright lights to enter the room. She goes back to the bed and gropes around her pillow, trying to find her phone. Before she even gets to check the time, she is greeted with the notification of more than 10 missed calls.

It all comes from one person: Manager Wang!

Zhuang Nai Nai finally has a realization: Oh God!

She asked for a 5-day leave from the company so that she could chase after Si Zheng Ting. Today is supposed to be the day she comes back to work!

She takes a quick bath and wears her previous dress and then runs out.

As she turns around to close the door, her eyes takes a quick sweep of the room and her mind off-handedly notes how out of place the bed is compared to the design of the room.

Something seems to flash inside her brain.

Since she is in a hurry, she does not think much and simply closes the door before running downstairs.

The housekeeper respectfully greets her when he sees her, Madam.

Zhuang Nai Nai pauses in her steps. After a moment, she finally realizes that he is addressing her. She waves her hand at him, That. I need to go to work, so. She points outside, Where is the nearest bus stop?

The housekeeper raises his eyebrows before nodding, I will immediately arrange a car for you.

Uh, actually, it doesnt have to be that excessive. I am fine with a bus.

But, there are no bus stops here.

Zhuang Nai Nai: He is probably telling the truth. This is the residential area of the rich. They take cars here, not buses.

Despite how uneasy it made her feel, she boards the car anyway, skipping breakfast.

After she graduated 6 months ago, she starts working at this wedding planning company. Her salary is not low, so she is pretty happy about that. Even though she is Madam Si now, she does not have any plan to quit the job.

Be it Gu Family or Si Zheng Ting, none of them ever gives her the security that her paycheck gives.

Her phone suddenly rings. She picks it up, only to be greeted by Manager Wangs angry and anxious voice, Zhuang Nai Nai, do you even plan to go to work? A customer specifically wants you, she has been waiting here for an hour. You dont want to work anymore?

Zhuang Nai Nai tries to butter up to him, I will be there soon, just give me 10 minutes!

Hurry up!


After hanging up, her phone rings again. This time, it is a message. Good morning, Miss. Your DNA test result has been sent to your mailbox, please check it out.

She narrows her eyes.

She never really trusted Gu De Shou, so she secretly took a piece of his hair and sent it for an anonymous DNA test. The result is here. Is she really Gu De Shous daughter?



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