Hello, Heir! Chapter 76


What a timing! Madam, you are indeed a gift from up above! The housekeeper and all the maids are really grateful for her appearance at the moment.

Just as everyone is busy being grateful over her timing, the petite figure immediately rushes past them and runs to the second floor.

The housekeeper: .

The maids:

Si Zheng Ting: !!


When Zhuang Nai Nai reaches the manor, she can see Si Zheng Tings Maybach parked in front of the house. Si Zheng Ting is home?

She tenses up. She quietly walks to the door and tries to spy what is happening inside the house.


The sound of phone being slammed to the floor causes her to jump in fear. Her heart races anxiously.

D*mn. Is Si Zheng Ting angry at something?

She swallows heavily, fear pooling in her eyes. His mood is bad, will he vent on her if she gets in?

But if she doesnt get in, where will she go? It is already night.

After they meet again, Si Zheng Tings temper has been very unstable. She really does not have the guts to enter the house!

She can hear the sound of footsteps approaching the door, she pokes her head in to take a look again. It is then that she locks eyes with Si Zheng Tings dark eyes.

She made a frightened sound and quickly lowers her head. She looks like a little rabbit.

She immediately rushes past him to go upstairs. Ah, I am air, I am air, please do not take notice of me, Si Zheng Ting.

Unfortunately, half-way up the stairs, she can hear Si Zheng Tings gritted voice calling for her, Zhuang.Nai.Nai!

Her steps come to a sudden, automatic stop, almost causing her to fall backwards.

She freezes before slowly turning around. All eyes are currently fixed on her. She smiles in embarrassment, waving her arm dismissively at them, This- You all can pretend that I dont exist! Go on, go on~

The housekeeper: .

Si Zheng Ting:

The initially furious Si Zheng Ting cannot find it in him to get angry once he sees this Zhuang Nai Nai. What on earth is she doing?

The housekeeper is even more speechless. When he sees Si Zheng Ting trying to say something but cannot bring himself to, the housekeeper suddenly feels like this couple is very compatible. One is cold and dismissive while the other is unpredictable, what a pair!

He clears his throat and steps forward, asking on behalf of his boss, Madam, why are you home so late?

Zhuang Nai Nai unconsciously takes another step up the staircase as she smiles at Si Zheng Ting, The nearest bus stop is 3 km away. There was also traffic, so it took me a while.

The housekeeper looks at Si Zheng Tings unchanging dark face and clears his throat again, Then, where do you went to, other than your workplace?

Zhuang Nai Nai takes another step, I- I went back to my mothers house.

She looks at Si Zheng Ting again; is it illegal for her to go back to her mothers house? Why is the guys face so dark?

The housekeeper continues questioning her, What about your phone, madam? Why couldnt we contact you?


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