Hello, Heir! Chapter 78


Si Zheng Ting frowns at the other partys aggressive tone.

He stares at the bathroom door; what does he mean by Zhuang Nai Nai is in trouble?

He purses his lips while frowning, not saying anything. The other party scoffs at his silence, Why arent you saying anything? Do you think that this matter will be settled if you remain quiet? Let me tell you this, if you want to resign, you need to follow the companys regulation. You need to pay penalty! Your monthly pay is 5000 yuan, if you add commission, your pay will be 10,000 yuan. Since the penalty is three-fold of your monthly salary, you will need to pay 30,000 yuan! If you dont pay it tomorrow, we can see each other in court!

Penalty? Court?

As Si Zheng Ting takes everything in, the manager scoffs again, Zuang Nai Nai, let me tell you this, it doesnt matter who the court will favour, the point is the company will strangle you to death. Dont cry foul. Who told you to offend the daughter of Di Hao Groups Jia Hua Branchs General Manager!

Jia Hua Branchs General Manager?

If he remembers correctly, it is a man called Xue Cheng Gong.

Di Hao Group have a lot of branches, Jia Hua Branch is just an obscure branch. It is so obscure that Si Zheng Ting only has a faint impression of its General Manager.

What is this Manager Wang talking about?

His eyes turn cold as he remains quiet.

Manager Wang continues speaking, Zhuang Nai Nai, Miss Xue already said that she would let this matter be as long as you apologized, but you just had to make the matter bigger. Now, the only way out is if you kneel in front of her. Otherwise.


Si Zheng Ting clenches his fist as his eyes narrow dangerously, Impossible!

Manager Wang is so surprised to hear a mans voice. That voice is so cold and chilly, Manager Wang can feel it through the line. He checks his screen in shock, I-Is this Zhuang Nai Nais number?


Manager Wang clears his throat, Then, you are..?

Si Zheng Ting is quiet for a while before saying, Her husband.

Manager Wang is stunned, When did Zhuang Nai Nai got married?

Si Zheng Tings voice is icy, None of your business.

For a moment, Manager Wang does not have the guts to speak. But then again, if he thinks about it, Zhuang Nai Nai is just a regular girl. Her husband ought to be of the same status. Why should he be afraid of him?

And so, he clears his throat again, Since you are her husband, you can convey everything to her. She must bring 30,000 yuan to the company tomorrow. In my opinion, she better apologize to Miss Xue. She already told us that she will not let her be. Do you know who she is? Her father is the General Manager of Jia Hua Branch! Are you afraid now? You better tell her to apologize.

Si Zheng Ting hangs up the call and looks at the bathroom door.

That being said, the reason she resigned today is not because she wanted to run away, but because she was mistreated?

But then again, she looks normal, unlike someone who has been mistreated at all.

At this moment, the sound of the tap running finally stops. The door is opened a little as Zhuang Nai Nai pokes her head out.

The room is very quiet, Zhuang Nai Nai wants to check if Si Zheng Ting has left.



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