Hello, Heir! Chapter 79


She didnt expect to lock eyes with Si Zheng Ting. She jumps backwards in fear.

It seems like.. his mood is not very good.

She swallows heavily. Her eyes accidentally falling on the phone in his hand. She stares at him in shock, Why are you holding my phone?

Seeing her expression, the words that lay at the tip of Si Zheng Tings tongue can only remain unsaid, I used it.

Used it?

Did he gave Assistant Ji a call?

Remembering about his phone that has been smashed on the floor earlier, Zhuang Nai Nai nods. She does not dare to come out, so she can only pokes her head back in and closes the bathroom door.

Si Zheng Ting raises her phone again and presses a couple of keypads. A moment later, the bathroom door opens again. She speaks up with an anxious voice, This

He looks at her.

She clears her throat while staring longingly at her phone, This. No matter how angry you are, you shouldnt take it out on phones. I know you are rich, but if you end up smashing mine as well, then wouldnt it be inconvenient? Right? Hahahaha.

Si Zheng Tings eyes turn cold.

She shrinks back and can only change her tune, En.. You know what, feel free to smash it if you want.

Before Si Zheng Ting even reacts, Zhuang Nai Nai shrinks even further before closing the bathroom door once again.

Si Zheng Ting: !

Half of his anger disappears when he sees that side of her. How can she still be the same as she was 5 years ago? So money-oriented.

This is just a stupid phone.

He takes the phone to the balcony so that he can make the call quietly.

The night is dark and the lights from the city are very apparent.

He hits the call button and the other party answers rather fast, with a hint of amusement even, Yes, Miss Zhuang. Why are you calling at night, how can I help you?

The other persons voice cannot be any gentler.

Si Zheng Ting sneers icily, It is me.

Ji Chen immediately gathers himself, Sir.

Remembering about Zhuang Nai Nai praising Ji Chens smile, Si Zheng Ting feels uncomfortable inside, Go and check what happened to your madam at her workplace today.

Yes, sir.

Ji Chen is very quick at doing his job. He managed to investigate everything within 10 minutes. He calls Si Zheng Ting and reports everything to him.

After hearing the report, Si Zheng Tings face darkens, as though a storm is about to come.

She got hit, and everyone in her company simply stood back and watched.

Not only did they neglected the well-being of their staff, they even tried to cover up everything. He clenches his fists.

He suddenly remembers the Zhuang Nai Nai from 5 years ago, she was upright and would not stand any bullying.

Even Su Yan Bin and Zuo Yiyi were not able to bully her without facing retributions.

But now, she actually endured this kind of management for so long and has only resigned now. Did she have a hard life, these past few years?

His heart suddenly aches for her. When he remembers the reason she got hit, he clenches his fist even more.

Although Ji Chen did not say it outright and even tried to downplay Shi Hao Yus presence, he.


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