Hello, Heir! Chapter 80


Si Zheng Tings eyes are red and his facial features are contorted in fury.

He is indifferent in nature, he has been that way ever since he was a child. He cares for no one, no one but her.

But what about her?

What she said 5 years ago rings in his ears: I dont like you anymore.

He was young and haughty. He left the country but during that time, he kept thinking about her, he regretted not putting up a fight.

Without him knowing, he already liked her to that extent.

Then, he returned to the country with the hope that her change of feeling that year was only a simple mood swing. Did she regret leaving him? Would she be like him; realizing that the yearning for the other person was so deep that it embedded his bones?

He asked Ji Chen to find out where her college was and then paid the said college a visit. At that time, he saw her chatting while laughing with Shi Hao Yu. The smile on her face was brighter than the sun.

At that moment, he realized that she was telling the truth when she said she didnt like him.

She must have forgotten their love back in high school.

His breathing unconsciously becomes laborious upon recalling all that.

Ji Chen, who is on the other side of the line, panicks. Miss Zhuang is done for this time.

Mr. Si has been longing for her all this time, and yet she goes around fighting with other woman over another man. Ji Chen feels wronged on Mr. Sis behalf.

Hearing his boss heavy breath, Ji Chen hastily opens his mouth, Sir, I have investigated everything. The madam did not keep contact with Shi Hao Yu after graduation. This time, it is Xue Rong who looked for her. According to the staff of that company, Xue Rong and Shi Hao Yu bullied the madam. Xue Rong even slapped her in the face until her lips bled.

Si Zheng Tings eyes shrink. Remembering the unnatural way her cheek swells earlier on, a murderous air surrounds him.

He is quiet for a moment before saying, Xin Shi Wedding Planner is it?

Ji Chen replies him, Yes, sir.

It can close down now.

Ji Chen: . I understand.

Si Zheng Ting speaks again, Find a couple of people to take care of Shi Hao Yu.


Ji Chen waits for a while, but his boss remains quiet afterwards. He hesitates a little before asking, Sir? Then, what should I do with Jia Hua Branch?

Si Zheng Ting is quiet for a while, Leave that one for now.

Leave? Ji Chen does not understand why, but Mr. Sis order cannot be defied, so he nods.

After ending the call, Si Zheng Ting stares at the night sky; Zhuang Nai Nai have always hated it when people exacts her revenge for her. She is the type that wants to do it herself.

So, those two people in Jia Hua Branch can remain arrogant for now.


Zhuang Nai Nai stays in the bathroom for a long time. She only dares to check outside when it is completely quiet. Sure enough, the room is empty now.

Truth be told, an angry Si Zheng Ting is too scary.

She closes the tap and walks out, lazily stretching her waist. Remembering the way he scared her, she waves her fist to the door, Si Zheng Ting, you dared to vent your anger on me? I didnt even have the guts to eat, now! You are such a bastard!




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