Hello, Heir! Chapter 83


The madam starts eating before the master even says anything.

The housekeeper swallows heavily. He steals a look at Si Zheng Ting who is slightly frowning before slowly picking up his chopsticks.

The housekeeper:

He finally understands something: the madam is different for Mr. Si.

And so, the housekeeper keeps his head down, no longer butting in on anything.


Zhuang Nai Nai feels like she is chewing on cardboards. She does not noticed that everything on the table are her favourite dishes.

She eats until she is almost full and by then, the chill inside her heart has melted. Perhaps, it is the food, but half of her grievance are almost gone by now.

No matter what, she can still be considered lucky.

To be able to marry the only man that she has deeply loved is a kind of fortune. Although Si Zheng Ting does not like her, at least he does not like anyone else.

They are married now and have also done things, what is the point of stressing over whether he likes her or not?

Zhuang Nai Nai puts down her chopsticks, planning to go upstairs to bath. But, the moment she looks at Si Zheng Ting who is eating slowly, she cannot find it in her to say anything.

She stares at him from the corner of her eyes.

He looks very good while eating, very calm, very esteemed. He does not gorge on the food like regular people.

He is wearing a white dress shirt at the moment, reminding her so much of the young man from years ago.

They usually ate lunch in school.

The rich kids were not any different, they usually ate the same thing regular kids ate.

The richer they were, the more they paid attention to education.

Back then, in order to pursue Si Zheng Ting, she paid special attention to his tastes. When she saw him eating mushrooms, she quickly made him mushroom soup when she got home.

People were a lot more innocent in their younger years. They would try really hard if they want to treat someone well.

Since she put the soup inside a thermos flask, it remained warm when lunch came. When she saw Si Zheng Ting, her eyes were determined as she ran over to him, Si Zheng Ting! Si Zheng Ting! I made some mushroom soup, it tastes very good~ Come, give it a try!

Since she was running too fast, she tripped on Zuo Yi Yis foot and the thermos in her hand flew upwards.

Si Zheng Ting avoided it, but his shirt got stained all the same.

Zhuang Nai Nai on the other hand, ended up falling to the floor, right on the soup that she spilled.

When she regained her mind, she glared at Zuo Yiyi fiercely. Then, she turned to Si Zheng Ting, anxious. She wanted to say something, but the moment she laid eyes on him, she ended up laughing, Si Zheng Ting, we are so compatible! I am covered in mushroom soup, you are covered in mushroom soup, hahahahaha~!

Si Zheng Tings face was dark. He frowned while looking at her coldly. Then, he turned around and walked away, not even bothering to eat afterwards.

The then him was so good!

The most he would do while angry at her would be ignoring her. Now? He goes around breaking phones instead.

He is indeed the typical overbearing president!

She looks around the room and notices that everyone is too scared to say anything. She lowers her head again. Never mind. The truth is, she is scared too.

Too preoccupied with everything else, she does not notice that Si Zheng Tings ears have turned red.



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