Hello, Heir! Chapter 87


(TN: This chapter contains implied non-con.)

Seeing that Si Zheng Ting is about to come out, Zhuang Nai Nai makes a sharp turn and jumps on the bed, burying herself underneath the quilt.

Only after lying down did she realized that the bed only has one quilt. Did they shared a quilt last night?

She wraps her body around the quilt and stops moving, staying alert with her ears pricked up.

She can hear his footsteps going around, he is probably going to the closet to change. And then, she can hear him walking to the sofa, and after that, everything turns quiet.

What is he doing?

Is he planning to sleep there for the night?

After a while, she cannot contain her curiosity and slips her head out of the blanket. She sees him typing on his laptop.

He is really busy.

She sighs in relief. Since she cannot sleep, she takes out her phone and goes on to browse the internet. While lost watching a melodramatic drama, the clock unknowingly strikes ten.

Just as she is enjoying the drama, she can hear the sound of footsteps approaching the bed.

She looks around and immediately receives a shock. Without her noticing, Si Zheng Ting has already gotten up and is now standing next to the bed. She quickly places her phone underneath her pillow before shutting her eyes, pretending to sleep.

She can feel his weight on the other side of the bed. He lifts the quilt before settling underneath it.

His scent rushes to her, the scent of a man who has just bathed. She can feel him sitting there for a while before turning off the lamp.

And then, there is no more movement.

Not long later, she can hear the sound of his stable breathing. It is such a night that you can only hear each others breathings.

She opens her eyes wide, is he asleep?

How fast!

She slowly turns to face him. His eyes are closed, he is really asleep. She sighs in relief.

Her entire body is no longer tense. She turns her body around, finding a comfortable position and proceeds to sleep.

It is at this moment that a warm arm slithers around her waist. He turns her around and immediately presses himself on top of her.

She is shocked beyond words, but whatever it is she wanted to say is swallowed by him.

Si Zheng Tings action tonight is a little crazed, as though he is punishing her. She gasps, trying to say something, but he blocks it off with his fierce kiss. She tries to push him off, but he is just too strong.

Even the bed seem like it cannot accommodate them. It keeps squeaking until everything finally ends.

Zhuang Nai Nai feels like her entire body is paralyzed. Her entire body has no energy to move.

Her eyes are wide as she breathes heavily. She almost thought that she was going to die.

Her chest heaves heavily as their sweats mixes together.

They are facing each other, they are so close, yet why does it feels like they are miles away?


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