Hello, Heir! Chapter 93


Zhuang Nai Nai stretches out her hand to shake Mi Nuos hand. She freezes a little. Mi Nuos hand is different compared to her appearance. She looks warm but her hand feels cold.

She curiously asks her, You know me, Director Mi?

Mi Nuo laughs, It was long ago. I dont think you noticed me back then, though.

After saying that, she looks Ji Chen, Where will Miss Zhuang work at, Assistant Ji?

Ji Chen smiles, Follow the rules, it is up to you.

Mi Nuo looks at Zhuang Nai Nai, Where would you like to work at, Miss Zhuang?

Zhuang Nai Nai bites her lips. Just as she is about to speak, Mi Nuo frowns before saying, The Site Design Department seem to lack a staff. What do you think?

Whatever Zhuang Nai Nai was about to say can only be swallowed back down.

What does she think?

Does she really have a choice?

She lowers her head, En, alright.

Mi Nuo picks up her office phone and asks her secretary to come in, Take Miss Zhuang to the Site Design Department. Introduce her to her seniors and assign her a seat.


After Zhuang Nai Nai left with the secretary, Mi Nuo looks at Ji Chen with a meaningful smile, She is someone that you personally sent over, what is her background?

Ji Chen remains quiet for a moment before saying, I dont think that it is appropriate for me to inform you of her identity. One thing for sure though, it is better for you to treat her well.

Mi Nuos eyes flash when she hears that. She lowers her head with a smile, Yes, I understand.

She is a smart person, Ji Chen knows that he does not need to say too much.

He leaves for the top floor, intending to report to Mr. Si regarding his progress with Xin Shi Wedding Planner.

Zhuang Nai Nai follows Mi Nuos secretary, Li Li to her new workplace. On the way to the Site Design Department, she passes a staff who is designing a winter coat on the computer. Her eyes light up as she stops in her steps, staring at the screen.

When she notices that Li Li has gone far, she reluctantly rushes over to her.

The head of the Site Design Department is a 40-year-old-something man. He appears to be a very calm person. When Li Li introduces her to him, he pats her in the shoulder encouragingly, Alright. Since you have entered this department, you are now a part of our family. Do your job well!

After that, he goes back to his work.

Zhuang Nai Nai remains idle in her seat, completely ignored by everyone else.

She checks her phone for the time. It is now 11:50 am, it is going to be lunch time soon. It is at that moment that her phone rings, signifying an incoming message.

She opens the message and discovers that it comes from Ji Chen.

Madam, please come up for lunch at 12 pm.

She stares at her screen, dumbfounded.

What does he mean by that? She needs to go up there to get her lunch?

But isnt that where Si Zheng Ting work? What if she bumps into him?


He got angry over a term of addressment earlier on, what should she call him if they meet later?

Dont tell her that she will have to call him husband?

She does a quick search on the internet. Her face promptly turns white.

How on earth is she supposed to address him using all those disgusting petnames?





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