Hello Mr. Major General Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Spoiling And Loving

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Huo Shaoheng was extremely strong and was very excited, so his arms were so tight around Gu Nianzhi that she almost couldnt catch her breath. The heat in his chest was burning hot and carried an intoxicating scent as he stuffed Gu Nianzhs entire head into his own aura. All she could breathe in was him, and he wanted to completely possess her inside and out, up and down, mind and body. Gu Nianzhi was a bit dizzy and instinctively wanted to rebel against him, but that alluring scent made her completely freeze like she was paralyzed.

Huo Shaoheng nearly sucked on both her lips and kept kissing her over and over, tirelessly. It wasnt until Huo Shaoheng started kissing her too hard, causing her pain that Gu Nianzhi slowly regained her senses. She began struggling in his arms and raised her arms up from under Huo Shaohengs body in an attempt to leverage against him and push him away. However, Huo Shaoheng only needed to use one hand to lock both her hands together and raise them up so he could press her onto the back of the seat. Her softness nearly drowned him, and Huo Shaoheng couldnt help pressing more tightly against her. They were so close that he could even felt her erratic heartbeat against his chest, so he began kissing her even more recklessly. Like a lover of wine coming across an irresistible brew, he allowed himself to indulge freely

Gu Nianzhi discreetly opened her eyes to see his handsome face so close to hers. He was so close, she could even count his long, thick, dark eyelashes. His straight, sculpted nose was pressed to the side of her own nose, his hot breath mingling with hers. Every time he pressed against her lips, his nose would gently touch her cheek like a butterfly dancing gently. It made her feel like she was being treasured, but his forceful restraint made her feel repulsed from the bottom of her heart.

As he was lost in sucking on her lips, Gu Nianzhi opened her mouth slightly and wanted to bite him again like last time. However, Huo Shaoheng seemed to be prepared, and as soon as her lips parted slightly, he used his other hand to smoothly pinch her exquisite chin to immobilize her mouth. She could only keep her mouth open and look with wide eyes as his powerful tongue delved inside. Huo Shaoheng looked down slightly, his lips crushing against hers again and again to taste the sweetness of her lips. He swept past her lips and used the tip of his tongue to hold down her diminutive tongue and keep it from continuously escaping. She couldnt escape at all. Their lips and tongues tangled, as close as could be. But being restrained at the jaw and having her arms locked tight was not a nice feeling.

Gu Nianzhis lips had become numb, and she trembled from the bottom of her heart, suddenly feeling sad. The tears quietly brimmed in her eyes, but she tried hard to keep her eyes wide open to prevent the tears from falling. She couldnt cry. There was no way she could cry. She couldnt cry in front of him again. Because she was forcing herself not to cry, her body became so stiff that even Huo Shaoheng noticed it. He gradually woke up from that uncontrollable mood and slowly stopped kissing her. However, he remained in his original position, pressing chest against chest, lips against lips as they quietly leaned into each other.

Opening his eyes, he could clearly see the tears in hers. Gu Nianzhis eyes were rimmed with red, and the tip of her tiny and delicate nose was also red, but she forced herself to keep control and not let the tears fall. Seeing her eyes full of tears made him feel incredibly pained. How could she be so stubborn? She also had been this stubborn in the beginning, when she wanted to be with him. She was so stubborn, it was impossible for him to ignore her, and before he knew it, that allowed her presence to take root in his heart. But now she wanted to leave him and was still this stubborn. She didnt care what she had to do and was willing to rip him out of her heart root and stem. Huo Shaoheng lowered the hand clamping hers together and released her chin. Cradling her cheek with one hand, his thumb gently traced above her eyes.

Gu Nianzhi tried to hold herself back but ultimately couldnt win against the urge to cry. Biting her lip and turning away, she said fiercely, Could Mr. Huo be gracious enough to let a little nobody like me go?

Huo Shaoheng smoothed her hair, his voice somewhat raspy, Nianzhi

You were pressing so hard, I couldnt breathe. Gu Nianzhi still turned away and refused to look at him, feeling more aggrieved than ever. All you do is bully me

Huo Shaoheng sighed before calling her name again. Nianzhi Gu Nianzhi glared at him and shoved the car door to find it was locked securely. She couldnt open it, no matter what. Nianzhi, Im pursuing you right now, so this kind of thing is very normal. Huo Shaoheng finally got off of her and sat properly the drivers seat. If I wasnt interested in you that way, then that would actually be a problem. When a man loved a woman, there at least had to be a special attraction. This was an important sign differentiating romantic love from other feelings.

Gu Nianzhi wasnt a naive girl. She was well-read and didnt forget a single word she came across. She also wasnt superficial in her understanding of relationships, so she had no mental barrier about being with the man she loved, because that came naturally when love grew and was a matter of fact. But now Now it was different. Gu Nianzhi couldnt help looking at him with balled fists. Then did you ask me? So youll force me if I dont want it!?

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Of course not.

Then why would I ask you? Huo Shaohengs answer was succinct and powerful. It came bundled with its own logic.

Gu Nianzhi stiffened again and finally reacted after a moment. The logic of a robber!

You only realized it today? Huo Shaoheng leaned on the steering wheel and looked at her from the side. His calm expression also carried the determination and aggressiveness that meant he was certain of victory. I shoot people in the head as I negotiate. Thats my principle.

Gu Nianzhi huffed quietly and closed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead. Right, how could she forget? When she was with Huo Shaoheng all those years ago in the Special Operations Forces, she had personally witnessed him and his personnel practicing negotiation tactics for overseas rescue missions. That meant never negotiating or compromising with kidnappers. The so-called negotiations were all about tactics to earn more time to shoot the kidnapper in the head. You treat me like your prisoner! Thats crossing the line! Gu Nianzhi berated him quietly and was furious.

You dont even want to do what you personally promised to me, so thats also a unilateral destruction of an agreement. Why should I reason and use principles with you? Huo Shaoheng shut off the car and took out the key as he replied calmly, If you want me to treat you like one of my people and not a prisoner, then you should properly adhere to the agreement between us, and I promise to spoil you to death.

Gu Nianzhi was speechless. Did anyone spoil like that?! Also, when did she say she wanted to be spoiled?! Gu Nianzhis eyes nearly lit up in flames as she gritted out, Huo Shaoheng! Spoiling isnt loving! Do you understand?!

Youre the one who doesnt understand. To me, spoiling is loving. Why would I spoil you if I dont love you? Huo Shaoheng leaned over to help her undo her seatbelt, his eyes commanding fear. Get out. We have a whole night to investigate this problem.

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