Hero Extraction System Chapter 53

Chapter 53: You are welcome

After Chen Feng accepted Lu Rui's request, he decided to cook the Pissing Beef Balls for Lu Ran at his mansion. Then, Chen Feng took a paper and wrote down the list of ingredients that he needed. Lu Rui arranged his men to prepare the kitchen and bought all the materials according to his proposal immediately. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Jennie said goodbye to Chen Feng's parents, Lu Rui and Chen Feng, to do her own things. Since she had the lead to find the mastermind behind this trap, she decided to unroot the problem as soon as possible. She never let her enemy had any chances to cause trouble that affected on her own profit any longer. That was her way of doing business.

Additionally, she thought of Chen Feng as her own golden chicken. If her cooperation with him going well, the money would flow in her pocket like water. It would not be long before she finished the condition and became the successor of her family. Jennie bowed her head slightly and left the shop in an excited mood.

Lu Rui had a lively conversation with Chen Ze and Xiao Sufen. They were in the same generation, so they got along very well with each other.

Before long, Lu Rui also said his farewell to them. Chen Feng's parents understood his feeling so they advised Chen Feng to try his best to help Lu Rui's son.

Nodding his head, Chen Feng rode in his car and quickly went to his mansion.

Arriving at the destination, Lu Rui ordered his servants to show Chen Feng the way to the kitchen and he also let his household's chef to assist Chen Feng as much as they could in the cooking process.

When Chen Feng entered the kitchen, he had a stunning looked on his face. The luxurious room style, the high-tech cooking machine and many more devices that used on cooking, he thought that this room was designed no less lost to the 5-star restaurant or even better in his mind.

Checking the tools and the ingredients on the table, Chen Feng nodded his head satisfied with the arrangement of Lu Rui. Essentially, the A5 beef meat that Chen Feng wanted to try using instead of the ordinary one.

Chen Feng used to watch the cooking anime "Shokugeki No Souma". In that episode, he saw Nikumi used this type of beef to make her food. Reading the introduction on the screen, Chen Feng remembered that this A5 beef meat was the most expensive and also the perfect beef meat that had the potential to enrich the flavor of the food. That was the reason he wanted to experiment using it this time.

Chen Feng started feeling excited. He began cooking according to his method immediately. With the assistance of the professional chef and the high-tech machine, Chen Feng only spent 1 hour and finished making the Pissing A5 Beef Balls smoothly.


The servant guided Chen Feng to Lu Ran's room. Opened the door, Chen Feng saw a little boy sleeping on the bed, his body was so thin and frail, his body seemed like it only had the skin covering on the bone, no meat inside. Chen Feng also saw that he had the glucose serum connected on both of his hands, his appearance was so pitiful.

Chen Feng felt so painful in his heart when he saw him. He wished in the mind of his food could cure him back to become like a normal boy at his age. Chen Feng thought of himself in the past, he also was in similar conditions as this boy before him, just that he was lucky to have Hero Extraction System that changed him back to normal.

Chen Feng held a bowl containing the Pissing A5 Beef Balls and walked slowly to Lu Ran's bed. The delicious aroma was strongly spread throughout the room. The doctor, the servant and even Lu Rui who sat beside the bed also couldn't help but secretly swallow their saliva. This fragrance was even more powerful than last time, they looked intensely at the bowl in Chen Feng's hand without blinking.

Lu Ran's eyes trembled and slowly opened. His nose inhaled in the irresistible food's aroma, his hunger feeling that was sleeping couldn't help waking up from its slumber.

"D-Dad, I-I...I am hungry." Lu Ran said slowly to Lu Rui.

"Okay, okay, here you have to eat it slowly. Let's dad help you." Lu Rui took the bowl from Chen Feng's hand and fed Lu Ran with his tremble hand. He couldn't hold back shedding his tear from the happiness.

Chen Feng also had a smile on his face. He was glad that he decided to help Lu Rui.

In the morning, Lu Ran asked Doctor Zhang about the food that he ate. Doctor already explained to him everything and also told him that his father was going to invite the chef to cook for him personally.

At this time, Lu Ran peeked at his dad before him, then his head turned slowly and looked straight to Chen Feng. He seemed wanting to say something.

"T...Thank y...you!" Lu Ran opened his mouth and said weakly to Chen Feng.

His heart was full of gratitude. Even if he was young but he knew very well the hardship and the sadness in his father's heart. He couldn't help but have a slight smile on his small face when looking at Chen Feng.

>[You obtain 100 Achievement Points]< The voice of the system echoed in Chen Feng's ear.

But at this moment, Chen Feng didn't care about it. He just looked at the boy's eyes, he smiled and replied back to him.

"You are welcome."

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