Hero Extraction System Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Destroy In One Day

"Lu Ran cannot eat anymore. Everyone, let us taste the food together. Don't worry, we have more than enough food for everyone here. Do you mind, Mr. Lu?" Chen Feng looked at Lu Rui and asked him.

"Haha...Ahem. I'm sure it's not a problem. Let's enjoy the food together then!" Lu Rui said that but he couldn't hide the excited feeling in his voice.

He didn't have a chance to taste it before. Since Lu Ran could only eat this food, Lu Rui wanted to let him ate it to his heart content. So this was also his first time.

Chen Feng then told the servant to share the food with everyone in the mansion.

Because he didn't worry about the lack of the ingredients, Chen Feng made a large amount of the Pissing A5 Beef Balls that were enough for everyone.

Moreover, he also wanted to taste his new invention. With the best A5 beef meat, he was sure that the delicious flavor of the Pissing Beef Balls would multiply numerous times compare to the original.

"Really!? Can we really eat this food?" Everyone looked at Chen Feng for confirmation and they turned to look at Lu Rui in anticipation.

"Hmm!" Lu Rui smiled and nodded his head slightly.

When they saw this, everyone couldn't help but have a star in their eyes. Chen Feng could see the eager expression in their gazes when they looked at the soup pot.

Everyone enjoyed eating the Pissing A5 Beef Balls very much. Someone even cried when they tasted this food for the first time. That was how delicious they were to them.

While Chen Feng was in Lu Rui's mansion, the big storm was brewing outside. It was not a real storm though. It was just that someone was going to encounter the big problem.


At Jiangzhou Hospital for visiting.

Luo Wenhao walked back and forth in the room. He felt uneasy in his heart. Right now, he was waiting for the news from his dad.

"Dad, do police catch them yet? Why is the news so late?"

Luo Yongtiang was sitting on the chair comfortable while sipping the coffee in his hand. He didn't feel any concern at all. How could a poor family like them escape from his palm? What could they do to him?

Hearing the noise from his son, Luo Yongtiang started feeling annoying. He looked at him like looking at the trash. He couldn't imagine himself had such a useless son.

"How many times do you ask me? Don't be impatient! You trash just wait silently for the good news. Now, sit down or let's see if I don't break your dog's leg!" Luo Yongtiang yelled at Luo Wenhao loudly.

Tok* Tok* Tok*

Suddenly, the knocking sound was heard from the door.

"Who is it?" Luo Wenhao asked in an irritating tone but there was no voice replied back to him. Then, he signaled Secretary Wang to open the door.


Just as the door opened, the group of men who wore the police uniform rushed in the room immediately.

"Luo Yongtiang, you are under arrest by suspecting set up the false evidence in order to frame someone. You don't need to say anything now. Come to the police station with us!" A policeman looked at him and said. Then, he gave a sign to a several men behind him.

The group walked towards Luo Yongtiang slowly while holding the handcuffs in their hands.

"What!? N-No...I want to speak to your Chief. I am innocent. You don't have the right to arrest me." Luo Yongtiang stepped back and screamed out.

The group didn't care about his screaming. The strong arm of the policemen caught Luo Tianglong forcefully and handcuffed him immediately.

Luo Yongtiang struggled hard but he couldn't break free from their grips.

"I-I will remember your face. I-I will sue all of you." His face was full of anger. He looked furiously at the police group.

"This is the Arrest Order. We only do according to the laws. Take him away!" A police officer who was the leader held a paper in front of his face and said coldly to him.

"No, No...Release me! Release me now or I will sue you...!" His voice was heard from the current room until the entrance of the hospital. Shortly, he was dragged in the police car and drove to the police station.

Luo Wenhao and Secretary Wang stunned and stood still in the place. They looked at each other in confusion. What happened? How could the situation become like this?

"W-W-Why the police catch my dad to the station? What should we do? Hah? What should we do?" Luo Wenhao felt panic, he then glared Secretary Wang nearby and asked him in a harsh voice.

"Y-Young master, don't worry! L-Let me find the lawyer. I'll help him out immediately." Secretary Wang said in a shutter voice.

"W-What are you waiting for? Go go...quickly go!" Luo Wenhao cried out and kicked him out of the door.

At this moment, he couldn't think straight anymore. He knew very well that if something happened to his father, his family would finish. He couldn't let the disaster improved any more. Luo Wenhao didn't hesitate to take his phone made a call to everyone he knew and asked them for help.


At the police station

"What happens? Why do you catch me? Do you have the proof? If not, I will let my lawyer sue you." Luo Yongtiang sneered and said coldly to the policeman who sat before him.

That policeman looked at the report on the table for a moment, then, he said.

"Qian Wuhun." He only spoke a name, then he analyzed Luo Yongtiang's expression.

Sure enough, his face frowned immediately. His eyes also showed a terror look.

"W-Who? I don't know him." Luo Yongtiang shook his head rapidly.

"This is his bank account's history. Who do you think transfer 1 million yuan to his account this morning?" The policeman showed him a paper and continued asking him.

"This is the record of your conversation with him. He has confessed everything. I want to tell you that we have more than enough evidence to throw you in jail." He said coldly and his finger pointed to another document.

"Ugh! I don't understand what you are saying. I need to meet my lawyer." Luo Yongtiang dazed for a moment, then he crossed his arm and turned his head away.


The door opened, a fat figure entered the room. It was the Chief Deputy.

"Chief!" The policeman stood up and saluted.

"Hmm...you get out first." Chief nodded and waved his hand.

"Yes, sir!" The policeman left the room obediently.

At this moment, there were only 2 people in the room.

"Luo Yongtiang, Er..., Luo Yongtiang." Chief called his name while shaking his head.

Luo Yongtiang couldn't help having a bad feeling, then, he rushed to kneel down on the floor in front of him and said.

"Chief, you need to help me. I-I..." He didn't even finish his sentence, the Chief waved his hand interrupt him and said.

"Stop! You don't have to say anything. This time, it can only blame yourself for choosing the wrong target. Do you know? You just step on a lion's tail and also wake up an aggressive tigress."

"W-Who?" Luo Yongtiang asked in wonder.

"Lu Rui and Jennie. You also should know that both of them are considered the behemoths in this Jiangzhou area. No one can help you this time." the Chief sighed again.

He knew very well how powerful they were, especially Lu Rui. He could say that just one word from him to the higher up, his seat of Chief Deputy would be replaced tomorrow. He didn't doubt this fact.

"No no no...I don't touch them, why they want to destroy me?" Luo Yongtiang shook his head hard, he tried to think about what he had done to offend them.

"I don't know the detail too. I just learn that they seem to have a good relationship with that Beef Ball Family Restaurant that you want to cause trouble with." The Chief furrowed his eyebrows and told him.

"H-How could it be? No, I still have time. I need to speak with them right now." Luo Yongtiang broke in the cold sweat, he realized that if this problem were not solved as soon as possible, he would definitely finish.

"It's too late now. Look at this news." The Chief held his phone and showed it to him.

The screen was showing the news that was announced about the incident two years ago. They also found the victim's families and had a live video asked them to explain all the actions of Luo Family Group.

Listen to their painful stories, numerous citizens furiously expressed their hatred and demanded the government to severely punish the Luo Family Group.

Soon, another shocking news began broadcasting. It was about the bribery, gangster, brothel and many illegal activities of Luo Family Group, one by one, was revealed in public.

Under the pressure of the society and with this undeniable evidence, the police started taking action to investigate the whole incident immediately.

Looking at this news, Luo Yongtiang felt despair. All the efforts in his whole life were destroyed only in one day. How could he accept this? Then, he clenched his chest hard and fainted on the ground.

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