Hero Extraction System Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Chen Fengs Speech

After finished the flag-raising ceremony, the principal slowly climbed to the podium, his eyes flickered over the students, he coughed gently, then he said:

"All teachers and students, today, I'm taking this opportunity to announce the result of your midterm exam. I will declare the name of the top 3 students openly."

The principal opened the first envelope and he held the microphone and said:

"Starting from the 3rd Ranker, Score 488 Points, Student Zin Chuin, please come on stage!"

Clap* Clap* Clap*

"As expect from my crush!"

"My princess, Ahh....!"

"I feel a little disappointed. She is always the 2nd Ranker after Fu Enron. Now, her rank is dropped to 3rd Ranker."

"Hmph! Maybe she loses to them only a few points. Don't you dare badmouth my idol, or you will get it from me!"


After Zin Chuin walked to the stage, Principal opened another envelope. Just as he prepared to announce, his mouth stopped. He couldn't help but look at the name in shock.

"Ahem! Okay, the next student who score 499 Points on the midterm exam, The 2nd Ranker, Student Fu Enron, please come on stage!"

"....." Silent*

Everyone opened their eyes bigger. They looked at each other in disbelief. What did the principal say? The 2nd Ranker, Fu Enron? The Ice Queen?

After silence for a moment, soon, there was a commotion among the students and teachers.

"Did I hear it wrong?"

"Fu Enron is the 2nd Ranker? Am I dreaming?"

"Her score is 499 points, just 1 more points the full score and she's only the 2nd Ranker. What does it mean?"

"Does it means that someone scores full 500 Points and crown as the 1st Ranker!?"

"Who is it?"

"I feel curious too."

"Finally, there's someone who can steal the 1st seat from her. This is the first time in history."




After hearing the principal called her name, Fu Enron furrowed her eyebrows for a moment, her eyes focused on one person who stood in the front row. Her feeling told her that if anyone could win against her, it was only him who could attain this great achievement.

It wouldn't be long after her face changed back to normal, ice queen expression, she then walked calmly to the stage.

At this moment, everyone kept silent together, they looked at the principal in anticipation and waited for him to announce the mysterious person.

Feeling the stare from the students and teachers below, Principal shook his head helplessly, his hand opened the last envelope.

After seeing the name, he stunned for a moment, then his mouth smiled slightly and said out loud:

"The last student who score 500 Points, the 1st Ranker of this midterm exam, Student...Chen Feng, please come on stage!"


"Who is he? I never heard this name before."

"Oh...I remember him. He is the one who Teacher Sun Minghai apology to."

"Heh!? Is he the same person? I mean I also remember this name but he is not this tall and handsome at that time, right?"

"I don't know too."

Chen Feng took a deep breath and he walked slowly to the stage.

Everyone looked at him a bit strange. They still had quite a bit impression in him. After all, not long ago, Chen Feng was apologized by class teacher Sun Minghai in front of them but they wondered whether he was the same person or he only had the same name.

When Chen Feng arrived on the podium, he looked at Zin Chuin and Fu Enron at the side. He nodded his head slightly and then he came to stand near them.

"I won't lose next time." Fu Enron who stood beside him said in a low voice.

"Me too." Chen Feng didn't turn his head when he replied to her.

Principal raised his hand, then everyone became quiet. He held the microphone and said:

"I would like Student Chen Feng to express his feeling and introduce us to his learning experience."

Clap* Clap* Clap*

For a while, all the teachers and students applauded loudly. Their eyes focused on his figure. They felt curious about what he was going to say.

Principal handed over the microphone to him. Chen Feng held it in his hand, he didn't speak immediately but he bowed his head to the audience first.

This polite action made everyone had a good feeling on him. Compared to others that showed their arrogance, they felt that this man was more approachable and friendly.

Chen Feng raised the microphone near his mouth, then he said:

"Hello, teacher, classmate and everyone who present here. My name is Chen Feng. I think some of the students here should know me. Several months ago, I was still a big fat man weighing more than 200 Pounds and my academic achievements were also at the bottom of the school.

"For real?"

"What!? More than 200 pounds?"


One by one expressed their doubts. How could a person reduce his weight this quickly? And his rank was at the bottom of the school? Then, how could he achieve the 1st Rank this time?

Chen Feng continued:

"Maybe everyone doesn't know this. When I was in my middle school, I was very ill at that moment. Later, because of the wrong treatment of a doctor, my weight began to skyrocket. Not only it affected my weight, my memory was also dropped a lot. My grade began to drop dramatically. Soon, I gave up on myself. That period was probably the most painful period in my life." Chen Feng's voice was very low when he spoke, as if the whole person was drowning in that sad memory.

"Until one day, when the school held a basketball game, that day, when the match was only in the last five minutes, a student in our class retired due to injury, and I entered as a substitute. At that time the match was tough, but in the end we won. I survived til the end, I scored 50 points by myself and I led the class to victory!" for visiting.

Chen Feng laughed a bit and then he said seriously:

"After that day, I began to think, why should I give up on myself? My life hasn't started yet, everyone can do it, why can't I? Something called "Ambition" was born in my heart. I craved for success. I began to face my life honestly. I started to work hard, study hard and improve myself every single day to lose weight. Later without me noticed, I discovered that my most painful time had passed, I successfully lost weight, and my academic performance improved a lot. And now, I stand here and show everyone here that my effort is not in vain."

"...." Silent*

Everyone looked at him in a complicated face. They felt pity for him and also felt awed by his speech.

Clap* Clap* Clap*

Soon, the loud applause was sounded out throughout the playground.

"What a great speech!"

"His life is not easy."

"Yes, this phrase "My effort is not in vain", I like it."

"Ahh...I forget to record his speech."

"Haha...I record it. I will listen to his speech every time I feel I'm lazy."

Everyone, both teachers and students, even the principal, also commended on his willpower. Not anyone could do like him. By his own effort, he climbed up from the bottom to the top. He was an excellent example to everyone here.

Especially for all the students, they felt like Chen Feng was more suitable as their role model more than someone who born with great talent. He made them think that they also could be like him. By their own efforts, one day they would successfully change themselves like this man before him.

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