Heroes Of The Past Book 7 Chapter 2 3

Felicitys here too, huh? Zhuyu arrived, taking a seat next to me.

Hey, Long! How are your classes? Felicity asked.

Nice. Thank you for your arrival, Zhuyu. You saved me from a potentially dangerous situation. In fact, I would forgive you for sitting next to me. I would have to remember not to mention Jen in future conversations with Felicity.

Theyre alright, Zhuyu gave a short response, taking out his laptop.

Whats up with that response? You need to give more details. Yuki agrees with me too, Felicity demanded, staring at me with an expectant look.

Dont drag me into this. If thats all he had to say, just let him. He wasnt compelled to answer with excruciating detail.

What do you want to know then? Zhuyu asked, a rather tired look on his face.

The people youve met, the professor, you know what I mean, Felicity responded.

Theres not much to talk about. I go to class, take notes, and leave. Thats about it, Zhuyu provided a terse response.

So boring. You can give me more details than that. Jin would, Felicity prodded him for more information.

Youre righ. Im sure he entertain your questions with more detail, Zhuyu said, typing on his keyboard.

Hey, Zhuyu, I heard you store archives at your house, I brought up.

Did you need something? he asked, glancing up from his screen.

Do you have battle videos? I was hoping for some references, I explained.

If you want copies, Ill ask Kuan. If you want battle profiles or notes Tess took, I can definitely send you those, Zhuyu replied.

That would be helpful. I think-, I started, but stopped after Jacque sat down.

Hey, hows it going? he greeted, taking a seat next to Zhuyu.

If you think taking a midterm is fun, then just amazing, I responded.

Oh yeah, what midterm was it? he asked, placing his red water bottle on the table.

Chemistry, I replied.

Sounds terrible. I mean, Ive never taken the class, but it probably is hard, right? Jacque said, twisting the cap off.

Yeah. I dont know if youve met before, but this is Felicity Smoke. Shes one of my friends. I guess Zhuyus too, I realized, pointing at Felicity.

I glanced over at the vector user, hoping he follow up. He knew her better than I did. Zhuyu noticed my glance, but did nothing. Why do you always do this?

Ive met Felicity before. Thanks for the introduction anyways, Tomo, Jacque revealed.

Oh, thats good then. When do you think youll be able to get the videos, Zhuyu? I returned back to the original topic.

Depends on Kuan. Ill call you once he responds, Zhuyu answered.

Thanks, I said.

Felicity, its rare for you to be here, Zhuyu noted.

Hey, Im here when its possible. Dont judge me, Long, Felicity countered.

Just an observation, Zhuyu muttered.

When did you meet Jacque, Felicity? I asked, curious about their initial meeting.

Last year, probably spring quarter. He was sitting here with Long and a few other people, Felicity replied.

Seems right. Im pretty much always here unless I have class. Yep, my life is pretty damn sad, Jacque confirmed, a downcast look appearing on his face.

Hey, thats not true. Im sure theres something good ahead, I tried cheering him up.

Tomo, you are right. I should totally try bettering myself, but Im lazy, so I probably wont even do that. F**k my life, Jacque sighed, taking out his laptop.

Jacque, I dont know you that well, but Im sure your life isnt that bad. Get rid of those negative emotions. Come on, Ill even help you out! Felicity disagreed.

Uh, I guess, Jacque said in an unsure tone.

Great! Whats your favorite thing to do? Felicity asked.

Play video games? Jacque responded.

Something else, Felicity dismissed his first answer.

Read-, Jacque began.

Try again! Felicity said, interrupting him with a smile.

Fine, drawing, I guess. Art in general, Jacque responded.

How good are you? Felicity questioned.

About average, I guess, Jacque replied.

Alright, Ill introduce you to one of the affiliates associated with my fathers company and help you improve! Felicity offered.

I appreciate it, Felicity, but are you sure? Jacque asked.

Of course! No problem at all. I hate seeing people waste their potential! It makes me so mad! Felicity assured him.

Felicity took out her phone, typing on it. Zhuyu sighed, an amused, but skeptical look on his face. Jacque had a what the f**k just happened face, one with moderate concern and reserved optimism. Well, she sure hated people wasting their potential. Guess she did know several people fitting that description.

Hey, did you see that update? Dude, dem nuts though, Jacque said to Zhuyu.

Yeah, that was a pretty close call. She stuffed him into her mouth though. How do you even., Zhuyu responded.

While those two talked about stuff, I spoke with Felicity. I wondered why Zhuyu seemed so distant when speaking with her, despite knowing her from high school. Actually, he was like that with other people too.

Hey, hows Jin been? Felicity suddenly asked.

What? You talk to him, right? I responded.

I dont see him as much as you do. Im a bit jealous, to be honest. Its nice you get to be with Long and Jin so much. Darryl too, but I see him much more than the others, Felicity came up with an unexpected answer.

I guess, I replied with a lame answer.

Has he been mean to you at all? Felicity asked.

Hes been pretty nice, despite my mistakes. Im sure he wouldnt get angry if I messed up big time. Doesnt seem like the type, I revealed.

Good. Its been awhile since Ive hung out with everyone, Felicity suggested.

Okay? Im sure if you contact him, hell be more than willing, I failed at comprehending her logic.

Is he alive or is he dead? Hes sitting right there in the chair., Zhuyu pointed at his screen.

Im pretty sure hes alive. Itll just take something major to awaken him., Jacque responded, nodding.

Felicity was weird today. I understood Ichaival, but why Zhuyu and Kisai? Zhuyu seemed indifferent towards her, pretty typical. Kisai, well, I didnt know enough to form an opinion. He must have done something impressive to catch her attention, or maybe they were just really good friends. That seemed plausible since Kisai was an easy person to get along with.

Tomo, Ill get the videos for you by tomorrow. Kuan said hell give me the server password later today, Zhuyu updated, leaning his hands on the top of his laptop screen.

Thats great, I said.

Maybe we should have another party soon? Felicity mused, finally finished typing on her phone.

Zhuyu remained silent, only speaking with Jacque about whatever the hell caught their attention so much. After recalling Felicitys behavior at the last party, it might not exactly be the best idea.

I guess Ill think about it. Oh, I just remembered I have to do something. Yuki, Ill see you tomorrow. Bye! Felicity rose up from her seat, dashing off.

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