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  • He's My Fiancee I Went Back To The Past And You

  • Genres : Romance -  Reincarnation -  Face Slapping -  strong female lead -  rebirth
  • Status : Ongoing
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    He's My Fiancee I Went Back To The Past And You8 votes : 4.63 / 5 1

He's My Fiancee I Went Back To The Past And You summary:

I realized that I made the wrong choice after my death.I Spent the last 8 year of my life chasing for a trash !I chased for a man that I thought was the love of my live and did whatever I could for him.But the man betrayed me and married my best friend.I was the reason of my parents' company bankruptI am also the one who destroy the my family!As a result, My parents died and my brother went to jail.In the past I was engaged and got married to another man.The ruthless, cold-blooded devil,Wang Li Lei !But, because of my stupid puppy love, I still chase for other man and after 3 years of getting married, I divorced him.After my divorce, that I realize I had made a grave mistake !How foolish am I !I hurt his heart and I threw him that was countless times better for a trash !at the last moment of my death, I understood that I made the wrong choice.The moment I open my eyes, I realize that I went back to the past !This time I will avenge everyone !And I will turn everything upside-down !And, of course,With the help of him, my love !

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