His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335 What A Close Relationship Love Sleeping With Shi Guang 25

"Isnt it great to be clear-minded?" Su Qianxun chuckled and placed her hands on his shoulders. "Unless you want to be like me, who is living a befuddled life?"

"If you knew we were not blood-related in the past, would you have treated me differently? My beloved little aunt." Su Wencheng looked at her with a complex gaze.

Su Qianxun furrowed her brows and remained silent.

She did not know if it was because she did not want to respond or if she did not know how to.

A smile filled with faint mockery was seen on Su Wenchengs face. "It seems that I shouldnt have asked you that. But Xiao Xun the person who stayed by your side has always been me."

That sentence clearly had a deeper meaning.

He stared at Su Qianxuns face and reached out his long and slender arm towards her face. But he stopped mid-air and did not touch her. Instead, he offered her a deep gaze while he slightly moved his fingers. "Actually, you should know that I"

The phone suddenly rang.

Both of them froze momentarily but in the next second, Su Qianxun moved to the side.

Su Wencheng lowered his eyes and took out his phone to answer the call.

Getting on the line, only he knew what the person on the other line said. He furrowed his brows at first but then smiled at Su Qianxun after. He gestured towards his phone as if to say he was going to attend to it first and then walked towards the bedroom.

After a while, he came out and he said to Su Qianxun, "I have something on"

"Oh, I will call my manager and ask if she has driven the car over" With that said, Su Qianxun took out her phone and called her manager.

Nobody picked up the call for quite a while. Su Qianxun continued to call her manager, but still, no one answered.

On the other hand, Su Wencheng seemed frantic. Su Qianxun looked at Su Wencheng and said, "Can I wait here for a while?"

As he saw Su Qianxuns hopeful gaze, Su Wencheng agreed without hesitation. Every time she used that pair of enchanting eyes to look at him, it caused his heart to flutterthere always was havoc inside of him.

Before Su Wencheng left with large strides out the door, he instructed her to lock the door after she left later.

Once he was gone, the initially smiling Su Qianxun suddenly slumped her body, and it seemed as though she had just fought a long battle to make her react like that. She even used her hands to cover her chest.

Only she knew how nervous she was when she entered his house.

If it wasnt for her long background of acting experience, she definitely would not be able to continue her front.

Su Qianxun stood up and walked towards Su Wenchengs study room. From her understanding of Su Wencheng, he definitely would put important things in a safe box in his study room.

She lived here in the past and knew the ups and downs of this apartment more than anyone.

She found the safe box and looked at the dial on it. Lu Yanchen once told her that there are only three chances to type in the passcode. Beyond that, the safebox would deny any more attempts. Su Wencheng would naturally know that she attempted to open it and she wouldnt have the opportunity to use this method again.

Passwords usually consisted of ones most important date in their lives such as birthday dates or wedding anniversary dates.

The first time, she pressed Su Wenchengs birthday. Incorrect.

The second time, she pressed Su Wenchengs lucky number. Incorrect again.

What could it be? If she could not think of a possible password, then she should not try again because Lu Yanchen said that she only had two tries. Only after shes confirmed the password should she try again.

Su Qianxun stood up and was prepared to leave when a possibility suddenly flashed through her head. She walked back and hesitated if she should try again.

If it was correct, that would definitely be for the best.

But what if it was wrong

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