His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 : What A Close Relationship Love Sleeping With Shi Guang 28

Su Wenchengs black eyes darkened and he used an extremely strange gaze to look at her. After this, he squinted and stepped back. "So you knew?"

He walked two steps forward. "If you really knew and are so smart, then you should have known that I treated you"

As if she knew what he wanted to say, Su Qianxun lifted her eyes up and shot him an icy cold gaze, cutting his sentence altogether. "Then, let me ask you. Were you the one who instigated everything that Su Ya did?"

This question was like a sharp knife that heartlessly sliced through the last bit of a calm atmosphere between them.

It forced them to face the darkest truth.

Su Wenchengs hands clenched into a fist, but his tone remained calm. "Why would you ask that? Isnt Yayas case closed long ago? That year, the switch in identity caused so much tragedy to our family, isnt that enough?"

Su Qianxun placed her hands in her pockets and slightly lowered her eyes to cover up the uneasiness in her heart into the shadow. She continued, "Thats right, the case is closed and it should have ended perfectly for you. After all, Su Ya and your parents never sold you out. But have things really ended? Do you dare to swear to god that you have nothing to do with all these at all?"

Su Wencheng calmly said, "Sometimes, there are some things that are not always as they seem. Even if its related to me, it doesnt mean that Im that nasty and a wicked person."

"So you admit it." He was not willing to pretend in front of her. It seemed that if she wouldnt hand over that U-Disk today, she would definitely be unable to leave.

Su Wencheng closed his eyes. "Do you still remember the time when we were at Crdoba? We were so happy in those few days and in those happy times, do you know what sort of strange feeling I felt? I was even shocked because, at that time, I actually thought that it would be great if you were not my little aunt. If that was the case, I would have definitely married you and made you the most blessed woman in the world."

Su Qianxuns gaze quivered and her hand clutched the U-Disk tightly. With a blushing red face, she did not know what to say.

This clearly was the typicalI treated you like my family yet you seduced me!

Su Wencheng continued, "When I realized I had such thoughts, I couldnt wait to curse myself! I tried so hard to recollect myself, but suddenly God decided to play a joke on me and revealed that you and I werent blood-related. You are not my little aunt and that would mean Im not your nephew either. At that time, I almost wanted to tell you all these, but you told everyone that you wanted to be engaged with your boyfriend you even said that you liked the stability and perfect life he gave you."

Su Qianxuns lips slightly trembled and she gazed at the clock on the wall.

"If I leave the Su Family, I will become worthless. Moreover, the old man will hate us and I will never have a chance to be with you; hence, I kept all these to myself. I only needed to work hard and become outstanding, only then would I inherit the Su family fortune. After the old man passes 100 years of age, even then I will continue to wait for you. When the time comes that our family background will no longer be an obstacle between us, we can be together forever."

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