His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 What A Close Relationship Love Sleeping With Shi Guang 29

Su Qianxuns face went as pale as a white sheet and her eyes were slightly red as she looked at the man.

"Be together forever? Are you joking? How can we be together?" What the man had was just a one-sided feeling.

Su Wenchengs expression slightly changed as he scrutinized her. As he looked at her trembling stiff shoulder and the frightened look on her face, he heaved a gentle sigh. "From that time onwards, I started planning everything for our future. It wouldnt even matter if you ended up marrying your fianc because I would still wait for you regardless. But it didnt come to mind that an accident would happen and that eventually led you to have a child with Lu Yanzhi."

"So are you trying to tell me that Im the reason that Shi Guang and her family faced so many troubles!? Because you wanted me and Im" Su Qianxun choked on her words and she struggled to speak. "The biggest culprit Just like you?!"

"You can say that but you are not"

Upon hearing those words, Su Qianxun was confused. She widened her eyes as she heard Su Wencheng speak. "Maybe Ive always been a person who resents defeat. Someone who does not allow himself to be reduced to anything. Thus, Im only motivated and encouraged to take that step."

Su Qianxun gripped her wrist. "Dont make it sound so nice. You are clearly a person who would make use of anyone to achieve your goals!"

Su Wencheng narrowed his gaze. "Right, I can make use of anyone, except for you. On the contrary, your actions today"

Su Qianxun coldly scoffed before interrupting his words. "Since you couldnt bear to make use of me, then why did you find me and used me to let the old man forgive you?"

"I never forced you to do things you didnt like. I can promise you that I would stop my threats towards Mo Jin. For you, I would even stop trying to return to the Su family and stop making things difficult for Shi Guang. As long as you hand me over the U-disk, well pretend that nothing happened today and you can leave freely."

His tone was gentle and coaxing.

Su Qianxun looked at him, she had doubts in her heart and was beyond confused. "What is in this U-Disk? You said youd let Mo Jin and Shi Guang off, but is it because of me or because of the contents of this U-Disk that gave you no choice but to yield to me?!"

Su Wencheng was growing impatient and sneered. "Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. I dont want to make things difficult for you!"

She fully understood his words, but she stubbornly said, "What if I wont give it to you?"

"I dont want to say what I will do to you, but I will definitely not allow you to leave."

Before Su Wenchengs warning landed into her ears, Su Qianxun saw a red dot on Su Wenchengs forehead. She was slightly startled and immediately widened her eyes in fright.

After having stayed in the military before, she knew they kept most of the guns there. She hadnt used one before, but she had seen all sorts of guns. If she guessed right, then the red dot on Su Wenchengs forehead should be from a laser installed on a sniper rifle.

With his sharp senses, Su Wencheng realized something was off as well. He did not dare to move his body and dangerously redirected his stare at Su Qianxun.

On the other hand, Su Qianxuns phone rang.

She glanced at Su Wencheng and saw that he had frozen on his spot; hence, she took out her phone and looked down at it. The call was from Lu Yanzhi

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