His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 145


“Dissing me all the time…Just what is wrong with him?”

“How had I not realized that his tongue was so venomous in the past? That his character was so bad?”

Shi Guang muttered all the way till she got home before she slumped down onto the sofa entirely. Turning her head around, she caught sight of that quick sketch she had made of Lu Yanchen.

At the start, she had forgotten to tear it. Thereafter, she got too lazy to do so. But now, she was even harboring thoughts of whether she should post it on Weibo.

She once had an account with the ID:

The short description of that account went as such:

Her last tweet was two years ago.

It was merely two simple words accompanied by a quick sketch of a man and woman walking in opposite directions.

Up till two years ago, she had always been posting quick sketches of him on this account while displaying their affection for one another. The little snippets of the Tsundere Young Master and his Dainty Wife had some particularly cute ones as well; hence, there were some followers on this Weibo, around 50,000 of them.

However, there weren’t too many replies to the posts, merely in the dozens.

The final tweet was the one with the most replies instead, nearly 400 of them.

There were all sorts of replies, but they were all dated two years ago.

1Scorpio man! His brain is filled with weird messed up stuff!>

This Weibo was only started after she had gotten together with Lu Yanchen. Back when she first started it, it was only on the spur of the moment. However, she did not let anyone else know about it.

After all, they were still students back then, and had to maintain a low profile. Thus, this was sort of a secret base for her.

Lu Yanchen was a stubborn, extreme, annoying, troublesome, cold, aloof and manipulating Scorpio man!

Night time was the period when netizens were the most active. Even though she hadn’t been updating for two years now, there were still discussions going on with her post.

Most of them were expressing surprise.

2, more dog food!>

Shi Guang was troubled right nowhow was this a display of affection?

‘Dog food! I was clearly ranting, alright?’

Just as she was about to close her Weibo, a notification appeared above: <1 new discussion>

Shi Guang clicked on it. It was a reply that couldn’t get any more ordinaryjust a single emoticon of the smiley face wiping its sweat off.

However, Shi Guang had the shock of her life.

The account’s name was

She was so rattled that she could barely hold her phone steady, causing it to smash right onto her face since she was lying down on the sofa. Picking up her phone and sitting up, she tapped on the account.

It wasn’t a new account. However, there hadn’t been any posts at all. The number of followers and following were alsozero!

This couldn’t be the person she was thinking aboutright?



No one knew about this account of hers, not even Lu Yanchen! Furthermore, there were all sorts of weird names on the internet. Hence, it shouldn’t be anything weird for someone to be named ‘Only Wish To Eat Ice Cream’!

Just a single search and there were tons of names related to ice cream.

The reason why this person replied to her must be because he was a Scorpio too, right?

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