His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 146


But, despite that thought, Shi Guang was still feeling a little flustered. She changed back to her main account and made another post:

For this main account, she had only made a single post in the past; this was her second.

Because of the incident with He Xinnuo, there were already hundreds of thousands of followers for her Weibo. Hence, there were many replies to her post, mainly congratulatory messages.

Refreshing her feed, Shi Guang did not see any replies from that , and found herself heaving a sigh of relief. What she did not know was that, because of that post, she would be bothered by someone right as she was about to head to bed.

The doorbell rang incessantly. At this time, who could it be? Lu Yanchen? There didn’t seem to be anyone else other than him.

Since it was late at night, Shi Guang made sure to check out through the peephole before opening the door.

It was that Young Master Chu who seemed to be everywhere

As though he knew that she would peer out through the peephole, he was giving her a big, bright smile.

‘What could he want?’

Right as she was about to open the door, Shi Guang realized that she was wearing her pajamas only, without any lingerie inside. Because of that, she said to the person outside, “Hold on!”

She only opened the door after returning to her bedroom to change her clothes. Looking at Chu Mubei, she questioned, “What do you want?”

Lu Yanchen was leaning against the wall near the lift; his expression and gaze could not be made out in the slightest bit under the dim lights of the corridor.

Chu Mubei cleared his throat before replying, “Little Sister Shi Guang, I’ll treat you to a meal to celebrate for you.”


“Celebrate you getting into the finals of the Flying Fish Cup!”

‘How did he know?’

That was Shi Guang’s first reaction.

She then remembered her Weibo post before rubbing her temple and rejecting him while smiling, “Thank you, but there’s no need. It’s too late, and I have to train tomorrow.”

“Now, don’t think that your brother doesn’t know just because he isn’t in the scene, but you guys normally have a rest day after a competition and will not have any training.”

“But, I’m not hungry. And I’m tired as wellI want to sleep.”

“You can’t be declining intentionally because you’re afraid of me finding out about your affair, right?” There was a clear sign of toying that could be made out from Chu Mubei’s clear, black eyes.

When she heard that, she nearly vomited blood. “What affair!”

As though he was afraid that the world was way too peaceful, Chu Mubei continued, “Not going means that you’ve got something to hide.”

Shi Guang, “”

The lift door opened as Lu Yanchen walked in with a ‘doesn’t matter whether you wanna come or not’ attitude. Chu Mubei urged her on the other hand while pressing the button of the lift. “Hurry up, hurry up, Little Sister Shi Guang!”

Shi Guang was just sweating right now. Without a choice, she took her keys and followed along.

Chu Mubei drove while Lu Yanchen sat at the front seat. Even though Shi Guang was sitting behind alone, she wasn’t lonelyChu Mubei was talking to her the entire time.

“Little Sister Shi Guang, what should we eat?”

“Little Sister Shi Guang, do you want Japanese, barbeque, or hotpot?”

“Little Sister Shi Guang, do you drink? Should we have a cup or two?”

Lu Yanchen remarked coldly, “Can you just shut up and drive properly.”

It was only then that Chu Mubei kept quiet.

They soon arrived at the supper place, which was a famous hotpot restaurant. The three of them went in and got a private room.

After ordering the dishes, beer was definitely not to be forgotten. Chu Mubei tried pouring a glass for Shi Guang, but he was stopped by Lu Yanchen.

He tried giving Lu Yanchen tons of hints with his gaze, but the latter ignored him entirely.

Because of that, Chu Mubei nearly fainted over.

He believed that with Lu Yanchen’s above average IQ and EQ, there should be no way he wouldn’t know that the best way to build feelings between people was with some alcohol!

Did he not want to get his hands on Little Sister Shi Guang even faster?

Having his gaze flit between Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen, Chu Mubei looked at Shi Guang and asked while smiling, “Little Sister Shi Guang, have you ever had a boyfriend?”

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