His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 199

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Shi Guang wanted to pull her hand away, but it was being gripped tightly. Lu Yanchen had her holding onto his arm for support as he strode into the main hall. Instantly, they became the main focus of attention, attracting nearly all the eyeballs of the entire crowd within.

Everyone was stunned and in complete disbelief. The sounds of exacerbated breathing could be heard throughout the entire hall.

Lu Yanchen had brought a female companion here! For this man who had never brought any other woman here before, could this be his girlfriend?

Anyone who even had some slight understanding of Lu Yanchen normally was feeling completely incredulous right now.

This woman had rather decent looks. Even though she wasn’t the sort of beauty that had really exquisite and defined looks, one could say that her beauty was just rather appropriate. But, the strange thing was that even when she stood beside this 4th Young Master Lu who had looks that were gifted by the Heavens, she did not seem as though she was losing any of the limelight!

Just like that, the two of them continued walking in like the characters of a comic scene.

As for Wang Caichun, who was waiting for Shi Guang, her expression was exceptionally astonished. Rubbing her eyes, she thought that she was seeing things.

But, it really was Shi Guang!

Weren’t people claiming that she was the girlfriend of the Big Brother Lu? Why did she become Lu Yanchen’s companion all of a sudden?

The masses started clamoring out in hushed whispers.

“Is that a female companion of the 4th Young Master Lu or is she his girlfriend?”

“Doesn’t he already have a fiance? Things have blown up so largely out of proportion today. What is going to happen to Yang Sitong then?”

“I saw her earlier on. But, where is she now? Is she watching this?”

Wang Caichun snorted out coldly, “What fiance? Many years ago, Lu Yanchen had already gone over to the Yangs to annul that marriage. Don’t you guys know about that?”

“Of course, we do. But, the Yangs refuse to back out of it no matter what, and are intent on forcing Lu Yanchen to abide by that marriage, aren’t they?”

“No way Lu Yanchen would fall for someone like Yang Sitong!”

“That’s right! She thinks that she’s all high and mighty just because she has a connection with Lu Yanchen. Isn’t she just a parvenu?”

Just as everyone’s attention was focused on Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen, Su Ya entered the main hall secretly and asked for Mrs. Yang to head out. The moment Mrs. Yang saw Lu Yanchen bring that woman into the main hall, she was shocked as well. Now that Su Ya was calling for her, she naturally knew what was going on.

They hurriedly headed out to look for Sitong.

By now, Yang Sitong was in a pool of tears. Even though she did not head in, she could sense the words of the people within.

She really wanted to rush in and grab at the swimming coach’s hair, berating her for being a vixen in front of everyone else. However, she was afraid that her brashness might cause things to turn even sourer. Hence, she got Su Ya to call for Mrs. Yang, hoping that her mother could help come up with a plan.

Mrs. Yang was really enraged as well. That stinky bratLu Yanchenwas really looking down on the Yangs way too much! How could he be so merciless in his actions!

She really wanted to go look for Father Lu to demand an explanation.

However, the occasion wasn’t right today. Furthermore, Lu Yanchen had not introduced her as a girlfriend. What if she was just a mere female companion?

Regarding the marriage agreement between the Lus and the Yangs, even though the Lus weren’t objecting to it, there was no one in the Lus that was supportive of it eitherFather Lu was the only one.

If they were to cause a ruckus at this dinner party and anger Father Lu, that would really spell the end to this dinner party.

Furthermore, everyone knew about the affair of Lu Yanchen heading over to the Yangs to break the marriage agreement back then. Even if Father Lu and their Yang Family did not agree to it, the party involved had already annulled the marriage itselfhe had already made it clear that he was not going to marry Yang Sitong.

This wasn’t the olden days anymore, so there was naturally no way they could demand for a divorceletter1before it was to count.

Therefore, if things were to really turn sour, it wouldn’t be good for the Yangs. Those people out there would only declare that her daughter was shameless, sticking onto the man even after being dumped!

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