His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 201

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Nearly everyone stood rooted where they were and watched everything in shock. However, the person who was shocked the most was none other than Shi Guangshe would have never imagined that Lu Yanchen would hug her with a single arm of his.

The two of them were sticking so closely that she could even feel his chest breathing up and down.

“Manager,” Lu Yanchen softened his tone with a hint of coolness in his clear voice, “Check the invitation cards carefully.”

With that said, he wrapped his arm around Shi Guang’s waist and walked her into the main hall. When they heard that last sentence of Lu Yanchen’s, Mei Mei, her man, and some of the other guests who were creating trouble earlier on were dumbstruck as their faces whitened.

Even though a dinner party as such was something that required an invitation, one could bring a friend, or a friend’s friend along. For people like them, given their current status, there was no way they would have the honor of being invited to a dinner party by the Lus.

Instinctively, they cast their eyes over at Su Ya.

However, right now, Su Ya’s attention was directed toward Yang Sitongthey were facing the probability of being chased out right now.

The waiter was still thinking about the matter of the vase as he stared at his manager blankly. “This vase, what should we do?”

‘They had better not make me pay!’

The manager rapped him on the head and reprimanded, “Are you stupid? A single look and it’s enough to tell that that woman belongs to the 4th Young Master of the Lu Family! Since it’s the Lu Family’s dinner party, it’s naturally on their tab then! Can’t you understand something like that?”

Before long, the only people left in the side hall were Huo Zhan, Yang Sitong, and Su Ya.

Huo Zhan was still caught in his stupor as he looked in the direction where Lu Yanchen and Shi Guang left inhis eyeballs were nearly popping out.

‘They said that that was the 4th Young Master Lu’s woman? Shi Guang was the girlfriend of that man?’

‘Was that for real!’

With a look of absolute bewilderment, he just stoned there till an ear-piercing shriek rang out from behind.


“How can that be! How could they be together!”


Yang Sitong had finally come to a realization from her shock and could not help but shriek out. The nails that she had just done today were breaking apart because of how deeply she was digging them into her palms.

“She’s just his swimming coach, that’s why Yanchen is helping her, right? She should be together with Lu Yanzhi! Yaya, tell me! That must be the case, isn’t that right?”

After that rude awakening, Su Ya regained her composure quickly and said softly, “Sitong, don’t tell me that you can’t tell that there’s definitely something going on between those two. They don’t share a normal relationship.”

When Yang Sitong heard that, she staggered for a moment before stumbling over as though she had just lost every last bit of strength in her body. Thankfully, she managed to find support in a table nearby.

Lu Yanchen

Shi Guang

The reason why she had returned back then was because she heard that Lu Yanchen had gotten a female swimming coach.

Maintaining that sort of physical contact in the waters daily as a man, how could there be nothing going on at all? How could she have determined that there was nothing going on between them so easily? She had clearly said that she wanted to check things out clearly.

‘Xiao Bai It must be Xiao Bai!’

‘That woman had used Xiao Bai to hoodwink me from the bigger picture!’

Yang Sitong now knew why that woman always had a cold and frosty expression toward her despite how polite she was being; in fact, even exuding a trace of hatred!

That was because sheYang Sitongwas Lu Yanchen’s fiance!

Back when she had gone looking for Shi Guang, wanting to cooperate and help the latter get her hands on Lu Yanzhi while obtaining Lu Yanchen’s forgiveness herself, Shi Guang must have been mocking her in her heart about how big of a fool she was!

And that night the woman in Lu Yanchen’s place must be Shi Guang as well!

She stayed in that same neighborhood and the same apartment building as Lu Yanchen!

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