His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Accustomed To Love 18

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Shi Guang turned around to catch sight of Shi Ze, dressed in a suit and holding his coat on his arm.

She was stunned for a moment as she looked at Lu Yanchen instinctively. In the midst of peeling the mini lobster, Lu Yanchen realized that something off and followed her gaze to find Shi Ze standing beside them out of nowhere. And by the looks of it, he was already standing there for quite some time.

The two of them glared at one another as though they were contemplating thoughts of their own. Only, neither of them spoke a word.

The people whom Shi Ze accompanied were all elites of the business world. Naturally, all of them knew Lu Yanchen too. When they caught sight of Shi Ze looking toward Lu Yanchens table, they chuckled and asked, "Mr. Shi, you know Young Master Lu too?"

Shi Ze gave a fake smile. "Of course, were quite close."

He looked at Lu Yanchen, then at Shi Guang. Even though he was smiling on the surface, he was guessing at their relationship.

At that point, someone from the group greeted Lu Yanchen. Lu Yanchen said nothing, merely replying with an indifferent smile, his lips still pursed tightly with his usual aloofness.

"We wont disturb both of you then! Well make a move first!" The group of people bid farewell and left. Before Shi Ze left, he looked at Shi Guang deeply.

She contemplated about how odd that gaze of his was.

Lu Yanchen naturally did not miss that look he gave Shi Guang. However, he did not give it much thought as he continued peeling the mini lobster in his hand before stuffing the flesh into Shi Guangs mouth. "What are you looking at? Eat!"

Shi Guang munched down immediately and smiled at him.

He took up yet another mini lobster and started peeling, asking casually at the same time, "You know?"

"Who?" Shi Guang replied by instinct, realizing that he was referring to Shi Ze almost immediately after. She then laughed. "You mean that Mr. Shi? Ive seen him before. Hes Qian Xuns boyfriend and fianc. In the capital, he went to look for Qian Xun as well, and I bumped into him. Later on"

Shi Guang felt that the atmosphere was getting tenser as she continued.

She then looked at the layer of frost that was covering Lu Yanchens face as he asked icily, "Later on?"

"Later on, we bumped into one another two more times. However, we didnt speak much. He was probably being polite to me because I helped Qian Xun before." Shi Guang said as she drank a sip of her fruit juice.

Looking at how he was still wearing his gloves and peeling the mini lobsters for her, she took up his cup and brought it to his mouth to feed him.

Lu Yanchen inched in slowly and drank gracefully. Suddenly, he raised his hand. Using his elbow to press on her neck so that his gloves would not dirty her hair, he leaned in and kissed Shi Guang on the lips, allowing the fruit juice to flow into her petite mouth, even trickling down the sides of their mouths.

Shi Guang was shocked. Why would Lu Yanchen flirt as such! Her face blushed out immediately. "Y-Y-You! Were still outside! And your hands oily! My hair!"

He licked his lips, reminiscing. "Fruit juices sweet, but someones sweeter"

He then grinned and looked out of the window before looking back at the embarrassed Shi Guang, who stuffed a spoonful of crab into his mouth immediately.

Every single action of the two of them told of nothing less than a lovey dovey couple.

The group of people who had just walked out of the restaurant caught sight of that scene through the window. Someone remarked with a chuckle, "Couldnt have told that Young Master Lu was the playful sort."

Shi Ze asked with a dark gaze. "Who is that woman?"

"Probably his wife. Wasnt it said that he got married some time ago?"

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