His Little Fortune Chapter 819

Chapter 819: Chapter 823: Master Jiu, Xi Bao, Shi Mu, end of chapter!

"Guan Xi, you know I like... "

He suddenly stopped at this point and did not continue.

Looking at the girl in front of him with her palm-sized face, she always looked at him with a smile and casual manner. Who would have thought that she was the strongest contract keeper in the Akira family.

Tang Yu still remembered that she suddenly appeared in his cleaning club.

She looked around like she did not know the rules at all and asked, "are you from the dark net's cleaning club? Tsk, it's not that bad. How about this, add me in the future? I'm very good! "

She had a smiling expression and a nonchalant tone.

She was no different from an ordinary little girl.

But it turned out that she was indeed very good.

In this line of work, she was indeed very outstanding.

Moreover, she could always beat him so easily.

She was too dazzling, but it was as if she didn't care about anything and couldn't catch her.

So later on, she got tired of the cleaning line and quit without any reluctance.

Later on, she became ninth master Xiao's wife.

Tang Yu didn't finish his sentence for a long time. Guan Xi looked at him in confusion. "Tang Yu, what did you say? What... did you wash? "

Tang Yu looked at her sweet face and a dark light flashed across his cold eyes.

He said, "nothing. "

After a pause, he said, "Guan Xi, you... you can go in. I'm leaving. "

"Hey, are you really not going in? "

Guan Xi did not want Tang Yu to leave. She pouted and said, "Yueyue and the hero are inside. You should come too. "

"No, " Tang Yu still found an answer. "I'm leaving. You can go back. "

After he said that, he turned around and walked in the opposite direction of Xiao Mansion.

Guan Xi stood where she was.

She felt that when Tang Yu said that he had left, he did not mean that he did not want to go into Xiao Mansion and went back first.

In an instant, Guan Xi seemed to have thought of something.

"Tang Yu, " she shouted at him in a clear voice, "turn around. "

Tang Yu stopped in his tracks.

He lifted his steps as if he wanted to walk, but he did not move.

As long as it was Guan Xi's words, Tang Yu did not seem to have ever rejected them.

Finally, he turned around slowly.

Just as he turned around, he felt a warm and soft body hugging him.

Guan Xi Hugged Tang Yu.

Her two little white hands were hugging Tang Yu's sides. They were not very tight, nor was there any romantic atmosphere. It was more like a hug between friends.

Tang Yu furrowed his cold brows. His tone could not hide the surprise in his voice. "Guan Xi... "

"Tang Yu. "

Guan Xi interrupted him first. Her voice was very soft, as if it blended into the night. "What do you want to say? I know, I know. "

How could he not know?

If he did not know before, but that time in the Golden Triangle...

Tang Yu was imprisoned by Akira Mato and locked up. In the situation where his spirit was almost destroyed, he only remembered Guan Xi.

No Matter How thick-headed Guan Xi was, she should have realized something.

Guan Xi Hugged Tang Yu and said softly, "you are my best friend. I am very grateful that you have always been with me and helped me. "

Best friend. Other than that, she could not give him anything else.

Tang Yu's eyes flashed when he heard that.

A layer of warmth gradually appeared in the cold youth's eyes. He slowly raised his hand and Gently Hugged Guan Xi. He said lightly,

"Yes, I'm your best friend. "

At this moment, perhaps it was relief or letting go, but he admitted that Guan Xi was his friend.

Unlike the past, every time, Guan Xi said, "Tang Yu, aren't we friends? Why are you so stingy? "

"Tang Yu, good friends should help each other. "

"Tang Yu, do you really treat me as your friend? "

"Tang Yu, we are friends! "

Every single time.

Tang Yu always had one answer:

"Guan Xi, I have never treated you as a friend. "

But now, Tang Yu had admitted that Guan Xi was his friend.

The hug between the two of them lasted only a few seconds.

Tang Yu quickly let go of Guan Xi.

He took a step back and put one hand in his pocket. His cold gaze seemed to glance at the direction behind Guan Xi as he said lightly,

"Alright, I'm going back. You can go in. "

Seeing that Tang Yu refused to go in no matter what, Guan Xi did not "force" him to go in anymore.

"Alright then, Tang Yu, are you really not going in with me? "

Tang Yu answered crisply, "No. "

After he said that, he turned around, walked away with his long legs and left without looking back.

" ... seriously. " Guan Xi looked at Tang Yu's back and whispered, "he's still as stubborn as ever. "

Yue Yue and the hero were both here, so what did it matter if he came with them?

What happened just now could be considered as an open discussion.

"Forget it, forget it. I won't come if I don't want to. " Guan Xi pursed her lips and turned around.

When she turned around, she saw a tall and straight figure standing quietly not far behind her.

The man's face was beautiful and cold. His dark and deep eyes quietly rested on her body without blinking.

Guan Xi:"..."

When did 9th master come out?

How long had he been standing outside.

Hey, hey, Hey!

Did he see her and Tang Yu hugging each other just now? No wonder she felt that Tang Yu's gaze was glancing behind her.

SH * T!

No, SH * t what.

She and Tang Yu were in a pure relationship. Although it might have been one-sided, she really didn't do anything!

In an instant, many thoughts appeared in the little head of the drama queen.

No matter how many thoughts she had, Guan Xi definitely couldn't stay where she was. It was already quite late. It was time to go in.

Guan Xi braced herself and went forward. Her Pink Lips pursed She laughed dryly. "Master Jiu, when did you come out? Erm... erm, you saw me hugging Tang Yu. It was nothing. Tang Yu and I are just friends. He said he was going back, I just... "

She was a little flustered and tried to explain calmly, but Xiao Jiuyan suddenly interrupted her. "Silly Madam. "

Guan Xi subconsciously retorted, "I'm not silly. "

Xiao Jiuyan's thin lips curled into a charming arc under the moonlight. "You're not silly to explain so nervously? I don't even know what's going on between you and him. "

Guan Xi:"..."

Guan Xi:"? ? ?"

"He likes you. "

Xiao Jiuyan's cold expression was cold, but his tone seemed to be showing off for some reason. "But silly madam, you're mine. I'm alone. "

He raised his big hand and placed it on Guan Xi's little head. "Madam, don't you agree? "

Yes, yes, yes!

Could she say no?

Her own cold and aloof ninth master had already said so. How could she not give him face?

Guan Xi's snow-white face flushed red. She said softly, "yes, ninth master. "

The man was extremely bad and unsatisfied with her answer. He asked, "what is it? Silly Madam, can't you even speak clearly? "

How could she not speak clearly.

Guan Xi's face turned even redder. She bit her pink lips with her pearly white teeth and said softly again,

"Master Jiu, I... I'm yours. "

The cold and sultry man was finally satisfied. "Madam, be good! "


Guan Xi and Xiao Jiuyan returned to the living room of Xiao Budai, their faces still red.

The dishes that Shi Budai had prepared were already on the table.

He was also the one who had prepared the cake. Starting from yesterday, he had prepared a three-layer cake. Now, it was placed on the dining table that had been temporarily moved over from the living room.

The pink cream cake was simply the dream cake in the hearts of all the young girls.

Xiao Shengdai was still ridiculing the cake. "Uncle Shi, why is the birthday cake that you helped me make pink? "

Shi Budai said, "I like pink, can't I? It's already good enough that I can make it. Be a good boy and celebrate your birthday. "

Xiao Shengdai:"..."

Looking at the birthday cake, he felt very tired.

He was powerless to refute.

When they saw Guan Xi and Xiao Jiuyan Return, shi Budai quickly said, "old Xiao, where did you and sister-in-law go? The table is already open, and you're still running around. Quickly sit down and let little nephew light a candle and make a wish and start eating dinner. She hasn't eaten yet, so don't let her starve. "

Shi Budai doted on his wife to no end. He had to take care of his wife at all times.

Mu Yixun glanced at Shi Budai indifferently and said coldly, "I'm not hungry yet. "

"Wife, even if you're not hungry, you have to eat. "

Shi Budai hurriedly went up to Mu Yixun and coaxed, "isn't it time? Eat three meals a day on time. Otherwise, what if you get a stomach problem from hunger? "

Mu Yixun's eyes flashed and she coldly acknowledged.


Guan Xi and Xiao Jiuyan were back. Xiao Shengdai's birthday dinner could begin.

The cake was placed with candles, and Xiao Shengdai put on the child's birthday crown. He looked like he had nothing to live for.

He complained, "Uncle Shi, can I not bring this? It looks stupid. "

Shi Budai said righteously, "how can I not bring it? I have to bring it. who doesn't wear a birthday crown on their birthday now? It'll be easier for you to make a wish later. "

Xiao Shengdai: "you still want to make a wish? "

What if you don't want to celebrate your birthday?

However, Xiao Shengdai only thought about it. He knew everyone's good intentions for celebrating his birthday.

Therefore, Guan Xi, Tang Yue, Bai Xiaomi, Xiao Jingming, Shi Budai, Mu Yixun, and even ninth master sang a happy birthday song to Xiao Shengdai.

Then, they made a wish and blew out the candles in one go.

After Xiao Shengdai made a wish, Guan Xi asked him with a smile, "Xiao Shengdai, what did you make a wish for? "

Xiao Shengdai and ninth master made a perfect little face and said with a cool expression, "Stupid Guan Xi, I won't tell you. "

Guan Xi:"..."

Sigh, the child was too big to stay.

There seemed to be something wrong with this description, but it was more or less the same.

Since he had already made his wish, the next step was to eat the cake.

Shi Budai made the cake. Xiao Shengdai made the first cut, and he was the one who cut the rest.

He was quite tactful. He felt sorry that his Xun hadn't had dinner yet, so the first piece of cake was given to the birthday boy, Xiao Shengdai, and the second piece was immediately given to Mu Yixun.

"Xun, just eat a little of the cake. You can eat the rest later... "

"Okay. "

Mu Yixun took the cake, and Shi Budai went to cut the cake again.

He was just about to pass the third piece of cake to someone else when he heard the sound of retching from Mu Yixun's side.

In an instant, Shi Budai was so scared that his hands were shaking.

He immediately put down the cake in his hand and asked Mu Yixun, "wife, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well? "

Mu Yixun frowned slightly. "No. "

Just as she finished speaking, she retched again.

Shi Budai became even more nervous. "You call this not feeling well How could this be? Is there a problem with the cake "That's not right. The ingredients for the cake I made are all the best. There can't be a problem. No, no, old Xiao, I'll bring Xun to the hospital to see the doctor first. You guys eat it. "

"Shi Budai! " Mu Yixun called out to him.

"What's wrong? " Shi Budai asked nervously. "Xun, it'll be done soon. I'll bring you to the hospital... "

He was already a little flustered.

Mu Yixun looked at him and said calmly, "I'm fine. I'm just pregnant. "

"You call yourself fine when you're pregnant? Don't you have to go to the doctor? ... What pregnancy? "

Shi Budai snapped back to his senses. His handsome features seemed to be distorted from excitement and joy. He stuttered and asked in a daze, "Xun, what did you say? You... say it again. "

He looked extremely stupid in a daze.

Mu Yixun sighed lightly. He was indeed a useless man. He was so flustered over such a small matter.

Her tone was calm as she repeated, "I'm pregnant. "

After getting a definite answer, Shi Budai reacted and let out an excited and crazy laugh.

He first turned to look at Xiao Jiuyan. He said very smugly, "old Xiao, did you hear that? My wife is pregnant. Are you envious? My wife is pregnant. "

Xiao Jiuyan:"..."

Did Shi Budai forget that he was here today to celebrate his son's fifth birthday.

Mu Yixun had just gotten pregnant. Why was he showing off in front of him.

However, no matter what Xiao Jiuyan thought, Shi Budai had already gone crazy. He ran to Mu Yixun, squatted down, and started to speak to Mu Yixun's stomach

"Baby, it's Daddy. Baby, can you hear daddy talking to you? "

To be honest, Mu Yixun was only a fertilized egg now that she was pregnant.

Hence, Shi Budai's behavior of speaking to Mu Yixun's flat stomach was so retarded that it was difficult to describe.

However, for a first-time Daddy who had a child with the woman he loved, who wouldn't be like this?

It was rare for Mu Yixun to not be dissatisfied with Shi Budai's idiotic behavior.

However, as Shi Budai laughed foolishly at her stomach, Mu Yixun could not stand it anymore.

"Shi Budai, enough, stay away from me! "

"Wife, I don't, I don't, wife. "

Guan Xi looked at Mu Yixun with a frown and reached out to push Shi Budai away, but she did not succeed.

It was great!

Xun was pregnant, it was great!

She tilted her little head slightly and looked at her ninth master, casually asking, "Ninth Master, are you envious? Do you want a second child? "

Xiao Jiuyan said coldly, "it's enough to have a stinky brat come to the rescue. Why do you want a second child? "

Guan Xi:"..."

She smiled and said with a smile, "Yes! "

The current situation was very good.

She had Xiao Shengdai and ninth master!

She had a large group of friends like Yixun, Xiaomi, and Jing Ming by her side.

She was very, very happy.

And in the future, she would always be happy!

[ ninth master, silly Madam, Yixun, and little master Shi will end here completely. Young Master's affair will start tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, because the opening chapter has yet to be decided. ].

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