History Is Number 1 Founder Chapter 988

Chapter 988: Yes, It's You I'm Bullying
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The Zhujian Grand Sage let out a deep roar as he released his claw. The blood arrow shot out in a streak of red light and disappeared into the Void; the next time its trace reappeared, it had already landed on the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

At the same time, the Sirius Grand Sage had unleashed everything in his arsenal. Around him, blood-red stars moved, covered in an unholy purple glow.

The purple glow reflected into the starry sky, causing the constellations to appear to be dyed in purple as well. The light flashed, meeting the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

In this purple sky of stars, the trajectories and patterns of planetary motion became completely chaotic and totally impossible to predict or map.

As the stars transited from order to chaos, it seemed to affect the operation of the Two Elements of Creation Formation as well, pushing it towards havoc.

At this moment, the Zhujian Grand Sage's blood arrow had arrived as well. Once it touched the massive light screen formed by the Two Elements of Creation Formation, the blood arrow exploded, forming a giant whirlpool of demonic powers that swirled ceaselessly, stirring the formation as if about to swallow the entire Two Elements of Creation Formation whole.

With this obstruction, the momentum of the Two Elements of Creation Formation was slightly hampered, but the strong formation continued to operate as it began to crush the chaotic starry sky and the blood arrow whirlpool.

However, seizing this opportunity, the Zhujian Grand Sage and the Sirius Grand Sage fled towards the horizon promptly.

Just as the Sirius Grand Sage moved, a tall figure, clad entirely in thick dragon-scale armor, charged before him, the fist smashing towards his skull.

"You're pushing it!" The Sirius Grand Sage erupted in rage, but, glancing at the Two Elements of Creation Formation, he did not retaliate in the end. Instead, he tilted his body, dodging the punch from Lin Feng's Avatar of Ares and continued to flee.

"Yes, it's you I'm bullying. What are you going to do about it?" Lin Feng said, his voice emotionless.

Apart from immense physical strength, his Avatar of Ares was exceedingly skilled in last-minute alteration as well. Once his fist lost its target, its momentum changed instantly as he spread his fingers, changing the fist into a claw and tearing towards the Sirius Grand Sage's face!

This time, the Sirius Grand Sage wasn't able to dodge. Tilting his head slightly, his right eye region still landed within the grasp of the Avatar of Ares' claw. The Sirius Grand Sage closed his eyes promptly; for him, although the eyelid was fragile as well, but if he kept it closed, even ordinary Immortal Soul cultivators and Undying Demonic Soul demons might not be able to harm the eyeball within.

However, the opponent he was facing was Lin Feng's Avatar of Ares!

The thumb, the ring finger and the pinky finger stabbed outside the Sirius Grand Sage's eye, but the index finger and the middle finger pierced right into the orbit!

The Sirius Grand Sage let out a pained howl. His demonic powers erupted with full force, repelling the Avatar of Ares; however, as the Avatar of Ares retreated, his index and middle fingers hooked and pulled, tearing out one of the Sirius Grand Sage's blood-red eyeballs!

"Lin! Feng!" The Sirius Grand Sage stared at Lin Feng venomously, however, seeing the already returning to normal Two Elements of Creation Formation, he did not dare to stay any longer and escaped towards the horizon, still howling.

A sea of blood tossed on his fur as unholy light, purple and blood-red, flickered together. All of the radiance converged onto the Sirius Grand Sage's body as he abruptly leapt forward, sucking up the Zhujian Grand Sage and together, fled towards the distance with nary a look back.

After that shot previously, the Zhujian Grand Sage was almost completely drained, but he still drew his bow again and shot out another Turbid Wave Demonic Arrow, halting the momentum of the Avatar of Ares, who was about to give pursuit.

On the other end, the immense radiance of the Two Elements of Creation Formation destroyed the blocking chaotic sky and blood arrow whirlpool together, and then expanded outwards again. The blazing light caused the Sirius Grand Sage and the Zhujian Grand Sage to flee helter-skelter, such that the Sirius Grand Sage could not even help his Clan near the entrance of the Small Divine Lands World.

With the flight of the Sirius Grand Sage and the Zhujian Grand Sage, the Demons' united front collapsed instantly. In addition, Lin Feng's Avatar of Ares, as well as Shi Tianhao and the Cang Heaven Spell Blade, were now all released from their battles.

By now, the tide of the battle had turned completely. Seeing the present situation, the Qiong Qi Grand Sage and the Peacock Grand Sage were forced to retreat as well; if they did not leave now, if they hesitated for so much as a moment, the target of the Two Elements of Creation Formation would switch to them instead.

The Peacock Grand Sage was suppressing the Saros Magical Tree; with the initiative, he was free to attack or defend. Hurriedly, he repelled the Saros Magical Tree again and flew to the battleground where Lin Feng's Thunder Dragon Avatar and the Qiong Qi Grand Sage were duking it out. Five-colored magical light, beautiful yet powerful, dropped down, neutralizing several bolts of Four Appearances Two Elements Divine Thunder the Thunder Dragon Avatar released.

Seizing the chance, the Qiong Qi Grand Sage activated the strongest transformation of the Nine Luminaries Heaven-Crushing Formation Nine Luminaries Peak, finally linking up with the Peacock Grand Sage. With the help of the Peacock Grand Sage, he finally fled into the distance, without being intercepted by the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

The Six-Horned Grand Sage, however, was in a dismal situation. He tried to break away, but was tied down by Wang Lin's Great Satanic Avatar without consideration for injury; being the weakest of the Demons, he did not even have time to escape and could only watch as the Two Elements of Creation Formation devoured him.

"Save me, Clan Master!" The Six-Horned Grand Sage let out a wretched cry as he disappeared into the Two Elements of Creation Formation's radiance. In the Formation, demonic powers fluctuated violently as golden light flashed, but soon, they faded gradually.

The Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage's pupils contracted slightly as he repelled the Zheng Yi Holy Man and the Great Void Holy Pavilion with brute force, charging towards the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

The Six-Horned Divine Monkey was not the same Clan as him, however, as he was the current Master of the Ancient Ape Demons and was acclaimed as the common Master by the monkey clans, he naturally had the obligation to protect the other ape clans.

Just like the Middle Age, when the then-Master of the Crimson Gorilla Ape Demon Tribe was slain by Mount Shu. Other ape clans can choose not to care, but the Emperor of Extremity, Shenyuan, stormed up Mount Shu instead.

Gazing at the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage and the Two Elements of Creation Formation, the Zheng Yi Holy Man did not give chase. He stretched out his hand again, grabbing towards the Cosmic Gate floating in the Void.

However, at this instant, both Lin Feng's Avatar of Ares and Shi Tianhao arrived before the Cosmic Gate. The master and the disciple gazed at the Zheng Yi Holy Man and the Great Void Holy Pavilion, their expressions ostensible smiles.

Just the two of them would not be able to stop the Zheng Yi Holy Man from retrieving the Cosmic gate, but with a strike of his elbow, the Avatar of Ares simply reopened the closed Cosmic Gate, and the Zheng Yi Holy Man could only stop in his tracks, silent.

At the other side, the Thunder Dragon Avatar stood protectively beside the Two Elements of Creation Formation, blocking the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage's attacks together with the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

The Thunder Dragon Avatar was blasted backwards, all of its thunder scattered, and the Two Elements of Creation Formation shook violently as well. However, in the end, it was not broken by the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage.

Meanwhile, within the Two Elements of Creation Formation, the boundless radiance squeezed together. The immense strength of the flipping of the Two Elements was so much that the Heavens shook, causing the Six-Horned Grand Sage to howl continuously with pain.

The remaining horns on his head snapped one by one, forming streaks of dancing golden light, but all of them were crushed by the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

The Formation was like a terrifying millstone, squeezing the Six-Horned Grand Sage at the center. First his flesh and bones, then the Undying Demon Soul all of them, annihilated.

With a blood-curdling howl, the Syncretic Star Soul Six-Horned Grand Sage was slain by the Two Elements of Creation Formation!

Sensing the demonic powers fluctuations and Awareness of the Six-Horned Grand Sage fade gradually, the glow in the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage's crimson-red eyes grew even more terrifying, the violent, chilling aura almost filling half the Starry Sea.

He turned and glanced at the reopened Cosmic Gate, and then at Lin Feng's Thunder Dragon Avatar, the Two Elements of Creation Formation, and the Zheng Yi Holy Man and the Great Void Holy Pavilion at the side. In the end, he did not try to fight to the end and leapt, breaking away from this patch of starry sky.

However, before his departure, the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage snorted. With a swing of his hand, he blasted a patch of star projection apart, throwing the Spiritual Energy flows in the entire Starry Sea into disorder.

The fragmented starlight, converging with the raging Spiritual Energy in the Starry Sea, formed a terrifying torrent, blasting towards the entrance of the Small Divine Lands World!

A moment before, at the entrance to the Small Divine Lands World, the Crimson Grand Sage had run into big trouble. After breaking Li Yuanfang's formation with much effort, he saw a tall figure with his back to him, completely clearing an Inter-world passage.

Once the Inter-world passage had been cleared, the tall figure did not say anything but simply retreated a step, stepping in front of him and blocking his attacks towards Yue Hongyan, Li Yuanfang and Luo Qingwu, followed by a palm strike!

Divine Palm of the Three Enclosures Heavenly Market Enclosure Divine Palm!

The Palm smashed down, and infinite starlight glittered. The power of the physical martial arts of Emperor Chen was far greater in the Starry Sea than the outside world.

The Crimson Grand Sage raised his arms, meeting Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar in a brute force showdown and was instantly sent staggering backwards.

Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar did not give pursuit, but instead raised his head and looked upwards. There, several clouds have just descended; among the misty white stood various figures.

The others, Zhu Yi did not care for; however, the man at the front was a different story. A middle-aged man with a calm expression, the Void was his robe and the clouds the edge. A Way of the Virtual Entity master.

Zhu Yi had never met him before, but he could also identify the direct Mount Baiyun lineage of his cultivation.

The man was none other than Cai Fengzhou, a member of the Supreme Elder Council of the Great Void Sect. At this instant, as he gazed at the Small Divine Land World, a peculiar look came across his face. "Thisthis is the Crucible of the Divine Lands? And I was only here because of the attraction of the battleI had not thought that I would see this treasure."

Although those behind him have not yet attained Immortal Soul, but all of them were direct disciples of the Great Void Sect and were well read and knowledgeable; hearing Cai Fengzhou mention the name 'Crucible of the Divine Lands', a look of shock came across the face of everyone.

Cai Fengzhou withdrew his gaze, setting it on Zhu Yi instead. Zhu Yi, calm, met his gaze.

At the other end, the Crimson Grand Sage was stuck between a rock and a hard place. A bizarre impasse suddenly befell he entrance of the Small Divine Land World.

However, quickly, the appearance of the Two Elements of Creation Formation shattered the equilibrium of the battle in the distance. When the Crimson Grand Sage saw the Six-Horned Grand Sage being swallowed by the Two Elements of Creation Formation and the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage not being able to save him either, any remaining home instantly vanished from his heart. Hastily, he retreated towards the distance with his subordinate Six-Horned Divine Monkeys.

Seeing the withdrawal of the Qiong Qi Grand Sage and the Peacock Grand Sage, the Golden-Feathered Great Rocs spread their wings and fled as well. Meanwhile, the Blood-Eyed Black Wolves had followed the Blood Mane Grand Sage and attacked Luo Qingwu and Yue Hongyan previously and suffered heavy losses; escaping successfully now would be extremely difficult.

Zhu Yi and Cai Fengzhou furrowed their brows in unison and both moved to intercept the Crimson Grand Sage. However, at this very moment, the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage unleashed a roaring wave, surging towards the entrance of the Small Divine Land World like a massive, violent tidal wave.

The eyes of Zhu Yi's Great Sun Avatar flashed. Right now, he had other things to care about than dealing with the Demons; commanding his Mana, he scooped up Yue Hongyan, Li Yuanfang, and Luo Qingwu, then charged straight into the Inter-world passage.

Cai Fengzhou acted the same way as well, scooping up the Great Void Sect disciples behind him and entering the Inter-world passage together.

The terrifying torrent formed by Starlight Spiritual Energy crashed into the Small Divine Land World, causing the entire world to shake violently. The remaining Blood-Eyed Black Wolves, Six-Horned Divine Monkeys, and Golden-Feathered Great Rocs were swept up in it as well and flushed into the Small Divine Land World in a flood.

The impact of the torrent caused the Small Divine Land World to tremble heavily. The world, originally appearing to be shapeless, started to shift; layers of space started to fold and merge continuously. Light, appearing to be heavy and dense, gushed out, the radiance ostensibly solid as the vast and boundless territory of the Divine Lands.

The shape of a massive crucible gradually materialized out of the Void.
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