Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 10

9 Banquet 1

Imperial Palace of the Black Phoenix Empire

The entrance of the palace was filled with luxurious carriages. People wearing different clothes were coming out of the carriages and going inside the palace. Today was the banquet and the day were the emperor will announce who the princess chose as her fiancee.

Inside one of the carriage was a handsome young man with white gray hair. His appearance and aura was sharp like a sword. In his face was an arrogant smile while he was waving the fan on his hand. Beside him was a woman with unrivaled beauty. Her platinum white hair was loosely down and combined with her light blue dress, she looked like a fairy that came out a painting.

They were Bai Shen and Bai Mei, the two of them was here to attend the banquet. Bai Shen was looking out the window with his arrogant smile, he was watching as beauties came out of their carriage like some sort of parade. At first, he didn't want to attend the banquet as he don't want to see the arrogant princess that disrespected him. But now he was glad to attend seeing countless beauties.

Bai Mei who was beside her brother has an elegant smile on her frosty face. She was watching her little brother stare and gaze at those 'foxes' outside. She had the urge to disfigure those woman who enters her brothers sight.

"Yong Master and Young Lady, your father Lord Bai has ordered us to escort both of you inside the palace. Will you please follow us" a voice came outside of the carriage.

"Ok" with a single reply both of them went out the carriage and follow the old man that was surrounded by guards.

When they were being escorted, the two of them receive the gazes of the people going inside the palace. The men look at Bai Mei with admiration, lust and love, while women look at her with pure jealousy. The gazes that Bai Shen receive from both men and women were contempt, disgust and disdain. When Bai Shen notice their gaze, the arrogant smile on his face become even wider.

The two was escorted at the main hall of the palace. A huge room with a very high ceiling, golden statues and beautiful paintings were almost at every corner of the hall. Guests were talking at each other, a group of young master was loudly laughing while talking. A group of young ladies were sitting on a table while elegantly talking with each other.

"This is really a beautiful place" Bai Shen look around trying to find something. His eyes landed on a beautiful girl wearing a white dress. She had a black hair which was tied in braids.

When Bai Shen saw the girl, his eyes lit up and said, "A lost lamb, it is my duty to show her the way" as he was gonna approach the nervous looking girl. A cold hand firmly gripped his shoulder, he felt his shoulder breaking as the hand grip it tightly. He turned around and saw her sister looking at him with a sweet smile. Her pearl white teeth were showing like some sort of jewel. Bai Shen shuddered inwardly as he retreat beside his smiling sister.

"Little brother, are you unsatisfied being with big sister?" with her beautiful eyes looking straight at Bai Shen's eyes, she said with some dejection.

"How can I be unsatisfied with big sister beside me. I say, even if you present me countless of beautiful woman I won't even take a single glance on them" raising his head and chest high, Bai Shen replied to his sister. An upright smile was on his face making him look like a very decent person.

"Big sister is very happy with your reply~" Bai Mei smile beautifully when she heard her brothers reply. Her body move as she hug him and kiss his both his cheeks. Her face turned crimson red as she release her brother from the hug.

Bai Shen was stupefied as he stand like a rock. It was still fresh on him the warmth and softness of his sister's body. The intoxicating fragrance that he inhaled and the warm and wet sensation on his cheeks. He look at his sister and found her beautiful face red like an apple. Her eyes were wondering at the surrounding like she was in panic.

He stretch his arm and hold his sister's cold hand. He felt his sister shivered as he hold her hand. Smoke were already coming out of her sister's ear and some sweat started to appear at her forehead. Bai Mei look at her little brother only to see the playful smile on his face. She had the urge to slap the head of her brother but she throw that thought away and just firmly gripped her brother's hand.


The hall was almost full of guests. Everyone was waiting for the emperor to come, while the single men was excited praying to whatever gods they believe for them to be chosen as the fiancee of the eldest princess.

"HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR HAS ARRIVE!" a loud shout sounded making the entire hall silent. A man wearing a golden crown came in, he was releasing a majestic aura as he walk forward. Behind him was the two princes and the two princesses. All of them have the same bearing except for the eldest princess Yun Yi. The arrogant look on her eyes were still there as she wander her eyes trying to find something in the audiences. When her eyes stopped at the direction where Bai Shen and her big sister was, she smiled like a bashful little girl with a red face.

When Bai Shen see her smile at him, he felt goosebumps all over his body and the hair behind his neck all stood straight. Bai Mei on the other hand has a cold look as she deathly stare at the smiling princess. She stand in front of her little brother as she blocked the princess vision.



Everybody kneeled down and shouted in unison, their faces were full of respect as they gaze at the emperor. Bai Shen and his sister also kneeled, Bai Shen look at the emperor at the front. But for some unknown reason, he saw that the emperor was gazing at him with face full of unwillingness.
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