Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 17

16 The Night 2

Being called beautiful by her little brother, Bai Mei's face flushed red and smile as she can't hide her happiness.

"Little brother, you should be hungry right, sit here and let big sister serve you" Bai Mei dragged her brother and make him sit in the chair.

"Here try this~" she put some food on his plate then sit on the chair right in front of him.


When Bai Mei put some food on his plate, Bai Shen gulped as her sister's white smooth fruit were shaking in front of him. His breathing turn fast and his heart almost explode from his chest.

'I-I-I want to touch it' Bai Shen thought as his eyes followed her sister's fruit even when she sit in front of him.

"Sister here is the wine I bought, it tastes great as I already drank a bottle of it" Bai Shen took out a bottle of wine and pour some in the glass.

The two continues to eat while talking to each other happily. Everytime Bai Mei laughs, her fruit will shake taking Bai Shen's attention. It was a great dinner for the two of them.

"L~little brother, can you carry big sister into the bed~" with flushed face clearly drunk, Bai Mei made a little request that she will never forget in her life.

Seeing the drunk state of her big sister, Bai Shen walk towards her and carry her into her bed just a couple of steps away from the table. Her soft and smooth body touched his thick skin making his little brother below rage in anger.

"I feel hot, brother help take this off~" when he put his sister on the bed, she began taking her clothes off. Her white skin were flushed red as she wriggle her body slender body.

But this action of hers were like a spell to Bai Shen. His eyes turned red as he pounced to the rabbit lying on the bed.


Her sister lets out a seductive moan when Bai Shen pounce on her. He started to rip out her clothes and revealed her two jade white mounds, the cherry on their top was like a precious gem waiting to be discovered.


Bai Shen hold the valley with both of his hands, the size and its firmness was perfect. He continue to massage them making her sister let out another moan of pleasure. He began kissing her neck down to her chest and suck on the sweet cherry on top of them. His hands began to roam around her body until his right hand reach down below.


When his fingers started to play at her lips down below, her sister closed her thighs tightly while she caught hold of the hand moving there.

"L-little brother~" Bai Mei opens her dreamy eyes and look at him with flushed face. Her mind was in chaos as she felt the warm hands of her brother roaming in her body.

"B~brother we can't, we are siblings~" Bai Mei's heart ache as she said those words. Line of tears came out of her pearl eyes as she felt the throbbing pain in her heart. Her intoxicated mind slowly cleared as the pain inside continues.

"Sister you probably don't know because I've never show it. I kept it hidden deep inside my heart, afraid to express it in fear of the looks and gazes I will receive if it is release. But now I will show it to you, the feelings I have for you." Bai Shen took off all his clothes and kissed her sister's tender lips. The dreamy eyes of her sister went wide for a second before passionately replying to him.


The two continued to kiss for several minutes before coming to stop to breath some air. Their lips were swollen and their face were red. The two stare at each other before continuing their love.

Bai Shen sucked and kiss his sister's smooth body while his hands were playing at her unexplored cave. He lowered his head and parted her legs, the pink wet flesh was revealed and Bai Shen stared at it like it was the most precious treasure. He lean forward and started to suck and eat those pink and tender treasure.


Bai Mei moan in ecstasy as she felt her brother's tongue entered her precious cave. The tongue inside her cave move like it was a beast. Her whole body shivered and her back arch as she release for the first time her pleasure.

The fountain directly hit Bai Shen making his face wet. He look at his sister who was lying on the bed powerless while breathing heavily.

"Take me~" Bai Mei said softly as her blurry eyes look at her little brother.

Like a wild beast, Bai Shen took out his little brother. Bai Shen Jr was standing proudly like a sword ready to pierce the heavens. He aimed his sword toward the heaven and pierce through, his sword was met with some resistance from the angels inside and tried to stop it from getting any further. But with the angry Bai Shen and the raging sword, the resistance was futile as they end up in bloody mess.


Her sister let out a painful moan as she felt her insides were being torn apart. She grit her teeth trying to endure the pain while holding to her brother.

"S-sister are you alright" Bai Shen said worriedly when he saw his sister in pain. He stopped moving and wait until the pain she was receiving stopped.

"B-brother don't worry about big sister, this type of pain I can easily endure. Just continue to move" while gritting her teeth, Bai Mei said to her little brother. Although it was painful as this was her first time, she wanted her little brother to move so that he could feel the pleasure of being inside her.

Getting her sister's words, Bai Shen began to slowly move his hips trying his hard not to hurt his sister. The warm feeling inside of her and the folds that were tightly wrapping around his sword made Bai Shen almost lose his mind in pleasure.

"Brother you can move a little harder now" the disappearing pain was being replaced by comfortable feeling, Bai Mei said to her brother. Her mind was in a mush as she dive into the pleasure.

Sound of pleasure sounded inside the whole room as the two engage in their love. Their warm body was closely entangled with each other.

"B-big sister I-I-Im coming" after over half an hour Bai Shen shouted as he felt his sword can't contain its power and need to release some of it.

"Go~ Just come~ inside big sister~" Bai Mei shouted as the pleasure already reach her brain. She doesn't care anymore whatever happened.


The two shouted in unison as they release their love with each other. The heavy breathing and the smell of sweat and love was all over the room.

"I love you" with a whisper in her ear, Bai Shen reveal his honest feelings towards his sister.

Bai Mei was shocked by the sudden confession of feelings by her little brother. A soft and beautiful smile appeared on her face as she look at his face with full of love while tears slowly came out the corner of her eyes. She turn her exhausted body and lie on top while hugging him tightly. The words she wanted to say never came out as she just let her actions speak.

"This time, big sister will lead~" with a seductive smile expression, Bai Mei said to her little brother.

For the second time, sounds of moan and pleasure sounded inside the room. The two continues to entangle with each other for the whole night. The love that they had was finally revealed and expressed to each other.
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