Human Trash With Anime System Chapter 18

17 Incoming Trouble?

Bai Shen slowly opened his sleepy eyes as he woke up. He look beside him and saw her sister sleeping with a smile on her lips. The memories of last night replay inside his head making his sword lively. He quietly watch as her sister continues her sleep, her silent breathing was like a peaceful song in his ears. He move his hand and slowly touch the beautiful face of his sister.


Feeling the gentle touch on her face, Bai Mei slowly open her beautiful eyes only to see her brother's smiling face. Her face turn crimson red as she remembered their actions last night. She smiled sweetly and hold the hand that was touching her face and snuggled close to her brother. The manly scent of her brother invaded her cute nose as she took deep breaths of it.

"Sister rest for a little while, I will clean the room first" looking at the room, Bai Shen was surprise to see the destruction they just made. Their ripped clothes were scattered around and the dishes and wines were spilled around.

"B-brother were some clothes first" when Bai Shen got up, the raging sword was uncovered as it stood proudly as if shouting its victory last night. Some blood was even on its 'blade' a clear sign of a bloody battle. Bai Mei covered herself with the sheets feeling shy and surprise when he saw her brother's thing. She was surprised to see that something that big entered inside her.

She peek out her her under the sheets and watch her brother. The sweet and satisfied smile on her face right now can make even monks change their professions. At the edge of the bed, she saw a small light blue piece of clothes. It feels familiar to her eyes as she look at it intently.

'T-that was my underwear!' Bai Mei scream inside her mind as she tried to got up to pick it.


Bai Mei felt a searing pain in her lower part of her body when she tried to move. It was intense that it almost make her cry.

When Bai Shen finished cleaning the room, he looked towards his sister who was watching him with a smile. He went towards the bed and swipe the sheets away that was covering her body.



Bai Mei shouted in surprise when her brother took the sheets away. Using both of her hands, she quickly covered her private areas. Her whole body flushed red when she saw her little brother gazing at her body. A thought entered her mind and she slowly move away her hands revealing the treasure beneath.


Bai Shen swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he tried to endure the seduction of his sister. He was pinching his thighs so hard that he almost scream in pain.

Seeing how her brother struggle against his own, Bai Mei let out a soft giggle as she stretch out both of her arms. Her little brother understanding her meaning went forward and pick her up carefully so that she won't feel any pain.

"Sister look" Bai Shen pointed on the blood stains in the bed.

In his brother's arms, she look and saw the proof of her innocence in the bed. She felt her face heat as she snuggle in her brother's chest, she look up and said with a seductive voice, "Brother help me keep it later~"

That blood stains were the sign of her love for her brother, she wanted to keep to make it as a symbol for their unforgettable night with each other.

Bai Shen nod at his sister and went inside the bath while carrying her in his arms. The two bath while they again 'express' their love. The sounds of wet body slapping at each other was sounded inside the bath for a long time...

Unknown to the two of them, just outside the room was their father. A helpless smile was on his face as he heard the moan of pleasure coming from the room. When he arrive yesterday midnight he wanted to talk to the two about something, but when went to his daughter's room to call her first, he heard her screams of pleasure. He know that it already happened, his two children fall in love with each other and finally expressed them. He was standing outside the door and never left. If ever his two children knew about this, they will definitely called him a pervert for listening to them.

"It seems I needed to arrange some things first" Bai Chen said in a low voice as he left the area.


Inside a carriage

Jiang Yu who was deeply in love with Bai Mei was holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers. In front of him was an old man with a long beard.

"Yu'er do you really want her as your bride?" the old man said with a deep voice.

"Yes grandfather, I want her and only her in my life. I promise that I will never take any woman when I have her" Jiang Yu said firmly. The man was his grandfather and the patriarch of the Jiang Family, Jiang Zhang. After a long time of persuasion he finally convince his grandfather to go with him and propose a marriage to the Bai Family.

"Although they are a family much more prestigious and powerful than us, I believe that they will consider this proposal as you are a known genius in the whole capital" Jiang Zhang said as he open his small eyes. He believe that with some precious gifts and the talent of his grandson, Bai Chen will find it hard to refuse such an offer. The Jiang family was basically carrying all of their fortune just for this marriage proposal.

"Yu'er I wanted to ask, is the rumor going around the capital about the third son of the Bai family being a capable man and not a trash is true?" Jiang Zhang said to his grandson.

"No grandfather, he was a trash to his core. His very existence was already a mistake and the heavens will definitely punish him for that" Jiang Yu said in anger. The event that happened in the banquet when he was made as a towel to wipe Bai Shen's oily hands were his biggest humiliation in this life. He didn't want to admit and talk about the events that lead the emperor to announce to the public that Bai Shen was not a trash.

"So the emperor just want to give some face towards his future son-in-law" Jiang Zhang said while looking at his grandson intently. He can feel that this grandson of his was hiding something from him, but he shrugged it off as he fell it was not important.
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